Fields of activity: Fabrication and characterization of nanoscale devices and materials for academic and industrial users. State-of-the-art facility operated by highly professional staff, experts in their field. 

Available services:

  • 300 m2 of clean room facility equipped with top-notch instruments including:
    • Lithography tools (optical and electron beam)
    • Metal deposition instruments (by sputtering and evaporation)
    • Etching facilities (wet and reactive ion etching, ion beam etching)
    • Electroplating instrument
    • Chemical vapor deposition facilities (plasma enhanced and low pressure CVDs)
    • Glove box (equipped with spin coater, vacuum oven, evaporator, etc.)
    • Packaging tools (dicing, wafer bonder and wire bonding)
    • Characterization tools (profiler, microscopes, thickness measuring instrument, probe station, etc.)
  • advanced characterization instruments for material characterization on the nanometer scale including:
    • Aberration Corrected STEM
    • Cryo-TEM
    • DB Focused Ion Beam Helios
    • ESEM
    • HR-(S)TEM
    • XHR SEM 
    • HR-SEM
    • Powder XRD
    • XPS
    • Confocal Raman Microscope
    • SPM
  • 3D printing lab with various printing techniques and materials  – thermoplastics, thermosets, metals and ceramic materials operated by our.

Contact info:

Ms. Naama Nahmias, Administrative director

Address: Jerusalem | Tel: 972-2-6586057 | E-mail: Click to the website