Israeli Innovation is Changing the World
A Fresh Splash for Aquaculture  Background Project: IDREEM In a fish farm in the west of Scotland around 1,000 tons of salmon are bred every year. Marine biologists think today’s European aquaculture can become more imaginative, more profitable, more efficient and more sustainable. Harvesting seafood Together with salmon, workers here plan to harvest around 150,000 scallops and […]
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Bioengineered Encapsulated Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
How a bottom up and multi-stakeholder approach can assist countries in scaling up drone operations to a national level network and future air mobility
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Diving deeper to find answers to climate questions Background Project: BASE-LiNE Earth EU-funded researchers are reconstructing how the chemical composition of the world’s seawater evolved, using brachiopod shells. Their findings should advance understanding of recent changes in our climate.  The chemical composition of ocean water reflects the balance between the Earth’s crust, surface water, and atmosphere. […]
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Nanodiamonds sparkle as science delves into the human body  Background Project: NeuroCare The world’s hardest natural material also has the most enthralling sparkle – these two properties mean that tiny diamonds are giving us dramatic new ways of interacting with the human body.  (The story was first published in Horizon Magazine) Whether it’s enabling MRI scanners to […]
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Access to free, simple and profitable privacy solutions
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Artificial retinas help bring life back into focus Background Project: SeeBetter You might think that part-human, part-machine cyborgs belong only in fiction, but adding a bit of technology into your body could help prop it up as it ages, as researchers are demonstrating with the development of artificial retinas to improve deteriorating vision. At the Tel […]
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Skincare science under the sea  Background Project: TASCMAR What if the secret of youth lies under the sea? Marine biodiversity is rich in sources for medicine and cosmetic science, as Spanish researchers are discovering on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a great day for a boat trip – and a good opportunity for marine biologists to collect […]
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Retraining the immune system may hold key to diabetes prevention  Background Project: ASI People with Type 1 diabetes could one day see the faulty cells in their pancreas either restored to health or replaced with new ones thanks to new research that could improve the lives of millions of people around Europe. Type 1 diabetes is […]
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Monitoring sea pollution Background Project: BRAAVOO Marine pollution is one of the key issues affecting our future. Futuris looked at a prototype developed by European researchers in Sicily to detect and analyze possible pollutants in seawater, in real time. There are many harmful substances polluting the sea, such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics. Currently […]
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