Technogical Incubators

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NGT HealthCare 


Shareholders: 21 partners including: Falcon Group Capital, Jacobs Investment Company, IBI, GIG Limited, A3 Investment Group, Arkin Holdings, Salvador Pascual Sanchez Gijon, Imad and Reem Younis

Manager: Zohar Glendler         

Fields of activity: Medical Devices, Bioconvergence

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Address: Nazareth | Tel: +972-4-6098600  | E-mail: | Click to the website

Trendlines Medical - Israel Ltd (Peripheral Incubator)


Shareholders: The Trendlines Group Ltd

Manager: Barak Singer

Fields of activity: Medical and Agrifood Technologies

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Address: Misgav Business Park | Tel: 972-72-2607000 | E-mail: | Click to website



Shareholders: Medtronic, IBM, Pitango Venture Capital, Impact 1st Investments, Rambam Medical Center

Manager: Dan Shwarzman

Fields of activity: Digital Health  

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Address: Haifa | Tel: 972-79-5729810 | E-mail: | Click to the website

Galil Ofek Innovation (Peripheral Incubator)


Shareholders: Mikal, Paz Atid Projects, Tav Medical, Mor Research

Manager: Eyal Aviram           

Fields of activity: Medical Device, ICT, Biotech 

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Address: Katzrin Industrial Area | Tel: 972-4-7799729 | E-mail: Click to the website

Fresh Start (Peripheral Incubator)


Shareholders: Tnuva, Tempo, Finistere Ventures, OurCrowd

Manager: Ronny Barak

Fields of activity: FoodTech

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Address: Qiryat Shmona | E-mail: | Click to the website



Shareholders: Wipro Givon, Kusto Israel, Keter Plastic, Trellidor, Flying Cargo Express, Klil Industries

Manager: Sivan Yechieli

Fields of activity: Industry 4.0

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Address: Karmiel | Tel: 972-4-881-3100 | Click to the website




Shareholders: Alpha Capital Anstalt, Yemin Investments, LP, Netafim Holdings Hatzerim, SodaStream International Ltd., Netafim, Dolav Plastic Products

Manager: Arnon Columbus

Fields of activity: Plastics, CleanTech, AgriTech 

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Address: Idan HaNegev Industrial Park | Tel: 972-524709757 | E-mail: | Click to the websit

Labs/O2 LP


Shareholders: Our Crowd, Motorola, Reliance

Manager: Moshe Raines

Fields of activity: New Media & Enterprise Software  

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Address: Jerusalem | Tel: 972-2-6369300 | E-mail: | Click to the website



Shareholders: Padagis Pharmaceuticals Israel, BOL Pharma, OurCrowd

Manager: Israel Birenbaum

Fields of activity: Healthtech, Agtech, Drones & UAV, Robotics and Energy

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Address: Yeruham | Tel: 076-53029999 | E-mail: | Click to the website


The kitchen Hub Ltd


Shareholders: Strauss Group

Manager: Jonathan Berger

Fields of activity: Food Tech, Innovation and Technologies for the Food and Beverages Industry

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Address: Rehovot  | Tel: 972-0546200741 | E-mail: | Click to the website

MEDX Xelerator LP


MEDX XELERATOR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP | אריאל שרון 8, אור יהודה | ח.פ 550261622

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eHealth Ventures


Shareholders: Maccabi Health Fund, Cleveland Clinic, eHealth Ventures, Amgen, Shanghai Creation, Shafa Invesco, Medison Pharma

Manager: Talor Sax

Fields of activity: Digital health

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Address: Modi’in Illit | Tel: 972-3-746-3199 | E-mail: | Click to the website

NetZero Technology Ventures


קרא עוד

Address: Herzliya | E-mail:


לוגו של חברת earth and beyond

Earth & Beyond Ventures


Shareholders: Kyocera, Corning, Samtec/ Blue Sky Capital , SpaceCom,
Consensus Business Group, Rangsons , Titan Innovations, Rhodium,
Initium, Moon2Mars

Manager: Doron Zauer

Fields of activity:  Deep Technology, New-Space"

קרא עוד

Address: Herzliya |  E-mail: Click to the website

Incentiv Incubator


Shareholders: Peregrine Ventures, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Elbit Systems, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University

Manager: Lior Shahory

Fields of activity: Intrusive Medical Devices, Personalized and Precision Medicine, Bioconvergence

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Address: Or Yehuda | E-mail: | Click to the website

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