ALYN Hospital & ALYNnovation

ALYN Hospital is acknowledged worldwide as a premier hospital specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. It is the only facility of its kind in Israel and welcomes all patients regardless of religion or nationality, both from Israel and abroad. Today it is internationally recognized as a leading pediatric rehabilitation facility with a holistic approach to the needs of children with a broad range of congenital and acquired conditions. ALYN staff regularly treat children from overseas and advise hospitals worldwide on treatment and care, as well as on innovative solutions developed at the hospital.


ALYNnovation is an innovation track for the development and commercialization of pediatric Assistive Technologies. The ALYNnovation team works with entrepreneurs and inventors to identify, develop and commercialize innovation that can benefit children with physical disabilities around the world.  Located in ALYN Hospital’s brand new Innovation Space with cutting edge lab equipment and co-working space, leveraging the Hospital’s global network and partnered with teams of medical device engineers, product designers and 3D printing experts, ALYNnovation provides the ultimate environment for Assistive Technology entrepreneurs.


Contact Person:

Sam Rush Soclof – Innovation Associate, ALYN Hospital



We are looking for companies that have mutual interests with us: we are focused on pediatric assistive technology with a special emphasis on rehab, gaming and mobility themes and products involving VR, eye tracking and digital health technologies.