Bilateral Programs with European Countries

Program's Description

Industrial R&D Cooperation with European Countries

As Israel’s number one trading partner, Europe is a continent rich in opportunities for Israeli industry. European countries, the EU and Israel have a long history of successful and groundbreaking technological and scientific cooperation in a number of fields – much of which is a result of the many bilateral cooperation agreements between Israel and European countries, along with Israel’s membership in a number of multinational programs for collaboration in industrial R&D. Europe is to date Israel’s main partner for collaborative industrial R&D projects, allowing Israeli companies to access know how, R&D infrastructure and access to world markets together with European partners.
In fact, ISERD implements a large number of bilateral agreements with European countries and regions, and Israeli companies can collaborate with companies in any European country through industrial R&D programs like EUREKA and Eurostars. Around 100 new projects are approved and funded every year in these programs.

Europen countries with industrial R&D cooprtation programs:

Austria  Austria germany  Germany slovakia  Slovakia
cyprus Cyprus greece  Greece spain  Spain
Czech Republic  Czech Republic hungary  Hungary sweden  Sweden
denmark  Denmark italy  Italy Romania  Romania
france  France lithuania  Lithuania
finland  Finland netherlands  Netherlands uk  UK
poland  Poland

Israeli Companies

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site: