Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2O23

Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2O23

Addressing the climate crisis and limiting warming to 1.5°C requires system-wide transformation; involving technology, infrastructure, governance and climate finance. Surveying global endeavors to tackle the climate crisis during the past year since the publication of our report “Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2022 Update” reveals deepened global commitments and actions on all the above fronts, […]
In 2021, PLANETech, a non-profit climate tech innovation community and the Israel Innovation Authority – an established government agency – collaborated in the very first nation-wide evaluation of any country’s climate tech ecosystem, culminating in the writing of the first “Israel’s State of Climate Tech” report. This report had multiplying effects, not only documenting the […]
Executive Summary
The goal of transitioning to a net-zero and climate-positive economy has spurred multilateral collaborative endeavors, infrastructure planning, private and public funding, and promises of business opportunities worth trillions of dollars. The significant financial returns, together with the urgency of the climate crisis itself, means that climate tech is a rapidly maturing asset class, with increasing […]
Climate tech companies are mapped according to the relevant climate challenges addressed by their innovation. The methodology section begins by describing the PLANETech Climate Challenge Map and then details the compilation of the database used for the analysis and the mapping procedure. Complementary information was also collected directly from climate tech startups through a survey […]
Israel’s ClimateTech Startups
Climate Tech Startups by Climate Challenge The updated mapping of Israeli startups identified a total of 784 startups that offer solutions to climate challenges, an increase of 90 startups compared to the 694 climate tech startups identified in 2022. Figure 2 shows the distribution of the startups according to the […]
Barriers to Scaling and Growth Faced by Israeli Startups
Climate tech startups face unique scaling challenges. They are mostly deep tech, requiring expensive physical assets and equipment, are capital intensive, and have long-term horizons for development from the initial proof of concept stage until commercialization. Until this endpoint, startups need to establish pilot demonstrations and are challenged by the extended period needed to progress […]
Looking Ahead
This 2023 report highlights the role of multistakeholder players in the continued growth of the Israeli climate tech ecosystem. This is expressed in both the private sector with entrepreneurs, founders, startups, investors and the corporates and businesses deploying the innovations; And in the public sector where the state fulfills several roles, acting as regulator, dominant […]


Revolutionary Changes in Dietary Habits
The Israeli food-tech industry has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years. IVC figures reveal that since 2010, more than 320 active and innovative food-tech companies have been established in Israel, and this is only the beginning.In the coming years, we expect the emergence of exciting combinations of technologies from different disciplines such as big data, […]
The New Meat Novelti
If it's up to Israeli companies 'Redefine Meat' and 'SimpliiGood', you will soon be able to choose between cuts of animal meat and totally meat-less "meat" products at your local restaurant, supermarket, or even butcher shop. This is what happens when harnessing technology and innovation to produce alternative proteins: a product that is better for animals, for the environment, and for humans.
Sweet Tasting Innovation
Sugar – those addictive sweet white crystals – not only causes obesity but also leads to a range of environmental and sustainability problems. The sugar substitutes that have been developed so far are both unhealthy and unsustainable. Against the backdrop of this reality, two Israeli companies have developed revolutionary solutions that offer both physical and environmental benefits.
When Tomorrow's Food Comes from Yesterday's Produce
In a world in which more than 30% of agricultural produce goes to waste, approaches and methods inspired by the circular economy are emerging alongside developments aimed at transforming the food industry's byproducts into high-quality edible raw materials. Meet two innovative Israeli companies that may change the way we view food.
Hungry? Just Press the Button
Do you dream about a robot-chef that will prepare you a range of different dishes at the touch of a button? And what about an ice-cream machine that creates countless flavors from a capsule in just a minute? The Israeli companies Solato and SavorEat transform scenarios that sounded imaginary into functional devices that will also feature in your kitchen
Would You Care for a Bite of the Future?
The development of revolutionary technology for producing growth elements in tobacco plants and the production of food colorings from yeast fermentation processes – these are the ways in which two Israeli companies are harnessing biotechnology methods enabling humans to consume more healthy, natural, and environment-friendly food. While doing so, they are also helping to strengthen the northern Israel region as a food-tech stronghold


The World is Warming Up
And so is the Israeli Climatech Ecosystem
Blowing in the Wind
Modern-day life relies on the continuous and high-quality supply of electricity however the energy world is still based on the burning of fossil fuels that pollute the planet. Israeli entrepreneurs have developed revolutionary technologies in the field of renewable energy that increase energy output and enable the storage of clean energy.
Constructing a Green Future
The field of construction is regarded as a traditional sector that doesn't take kindly to technology and innovation. Two Israeli companies – Buildots and TIGI – have successfully overcome these challenges and developed revolutionary technologies that are commercially beneficial, save on resources, and contribute to protecting the environment.
Not a Cow in Sight
In a reality where the dairy and meat industries are significant factors in the global climate crisis, the brightest minds are looking for solutions for human protein consumption. The combined efforts of science and technology have produced alternative proteins, a field in which the Israeli food-tech industry has already gained a notable global reputation.
More Food, On Less Land, For More People
Climate changes are harming crop yields and farmers' livelihoods worldwide. At the same time, the 21st century has ushered in the fourth agricultural revolution: precision agriculture. Two Israeli companies – SupPlant and Flying Spark – have developed technologies yielding dramatic effect and that are committed to the great challenge of feeding the world's population in the years to come
Promising Solutions for Sustainable Transportation
Although the State of Israel is not leading the global transition from pollutive to sustainable transportation, the Israeli autotech industry is playing a significant role in the effort to develop green solutions in the motor vehicle world. Electreon Wireless and EVR Motors are two of the Israeli companies that are offering innovative solutions on the way to creating fundamental change


Where Technology and Finance Meet
Fintech, a field that combines technology and finance, is one of the fastest growing areas in global high-tech, especially, in Israel. During the past decade, thousands of companies developing new products and alternatives to traditional banking and financial services were founded worldwide
Welcome to the Crypto Age
We can't talk about money today without mentioning virtual currencies and the blockchain technology that constitutes the infrastructure of this 'virtual currency'. Two Israeli companies, Kirobo and ZenGo, have created solutions that seek to contend with the operational complexity and risks associated with the world of cryptocurrencies
Just for You: Financial Consumerism in The Digital Age
As the world turns to digital – a process highlighted by Covid – increasingly more services and products are becoming personalized. The Israeli 'Robinhood' startup enables to personalize a person's pension and insurance policies so that they pay only for what they really need. The 'Momentum' corporation uses information about consumers' habits to make the old-fashioned customers' loyalty programs of yesteryear genuinely attractive
The Dark Side of Digital
In a world where all our finances are managed online, there are numerous elements trying to take advantage of this situation to engage in financial crime. Two Israeli companies – NICE Actimize and ThetaRay – are striving, with Innovation Authority support, to identify fraud and prevent money laundering
Have you Signed a Smart Contract Yet?
"Smart contracts" are business contracts stored on blockchain networks that offer significant advantages but also have associated risks. Two Israeli companies have ventured in this domain: 'Clear' has built a platform for creating smart contracts and 'Valid Network' offers organizations a security system for blockchain and digital assets
Who Moved My Identity?
In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, high-quality and high-speed solutions for managing identities are becoming a sought-after ability. Two Israeli companies have entered this dynamic field with the support of the Innovation Authority with the goal of leading the market with tools that are gaining global success

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Second Opinion from an Algorithm
Why won't a woman in the US have to travel hundreds of kilometers any more to visit a gynecologist? A revolutionary home test of vaginal discharges developed in Israel enables early identification of pathologies, and an algorithm that identifies different cancerous pathologies conducts life-saving quality control which prevents errors in medical diagnoses
An Agronomist in Your Smartphone
Farmers are true believers: they act in a world of uncertainty, plant their crops and pray. AI-based technology enables them to receive online updates about the state of each individual plant, to spray less [pesticides] and to grow more food with less land, effort, and resources. Welcome to the precision agriculture revolution
What does Doctor AI say?
Two Israeli companies, operating with the support of the Innovation Authority in the field of personalized healthcare, are changing the decision-making process with AI. One provides family doctors with reasoned clinical information and connects it to the relevant medical context, while the second company transforms genomic data into a revolutionary therapeutic tool.
Disruptive Technologies – new possibilities
It seems as if not a day has passed in recent months without encountering a dramatic news item related to Artificial Intelligence. Some of these present a rosy picture of the future in which AI tools solve all of mankind’s problems. Other items portray a gloomy and forlorn forecast. In general, however, there is widespread […]
Who Did You Call Low-Tech?
A pioneering unicorn that seeks to improve factory production processes by using sensors to listen to industrial machines, and a determined family company that focuses on enhancing factories' productivity via computer systems that monitor the production floor, are generating a change in the world of manufacturing
Tomorrow's Future Under Construction
What happens when Artificial Intelligence is used in the traditional world of construction, which comprises 10% of global GDP? How is advanced technology transforming management based on fragments of data into a precise real-time understanding of a situation, and why does it save much more than money?


Bio-convergence – Israel's Next Growth Engine
This is not science fiction, it’s tomorrow’s reality: bio-convergence as a national program and the Innovation Authority’s support of Israeli companies that will use bio-convergence to lead and expand Israeli high-tech. The world has been contending with several pressing macro-level problems in recent years, including climate crisis, food shortage, and spiraling health costs. All these […]
Molecules of Hope
Two Israeli companies in the field of biomedicine are developing technologies that defy the imagination: Quris creates miniature human organs that enable the safe, quick, cheap, and personalized testing of drugs at a lower cost; Qulab Medical is developing patches that facilitate the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Dr. Isaac Bentwich, the founder and CEO […]
Materials from Another World
Farsighted vision based on bio-convergence is driving two Israeli companies towards the development of innovative materials: Seevix has developed a fiber inspired by spiderwebs – the ‘Holy Grail’ of the world of materials – while Enzymit designs and builds enzymes, biological nanomachines capable of creating any material. “Every cell on earth contains thousands of different […]
Innovative Pest Controls for a Better World
Farmers in the 21st century continue to combat pests while also considering environmental and health factors. This prompts the question: What might the future of farming entail? Two Israeli startups are harnessing Artificial Intelligence, chemistry, biology, and engineering capabilities to reduce the quantity of chemicals on our plates. In recent years, farmers face a pressing […]
Food for Thought
In a world where the traditional manufacturing processes are harmful to the environment and to the health of both humans and animals, Israeli food-tech is striving to change reality using integrated technologies and tools that sound like they are taken from science fiction – Remilk and Bee-io Honey are transforming vision into reality with cow-less […]
Green Clean Water
Shopping bags made using seaweed? Fish that grow in the desert? The connection between the various worlds of science creates a surprising reality. Take, for example, Biotic that strives to replace polluting fossil plastics with a biological polymer, using seaweed as feedstock and BioCastle that developed a miniature filter which enables to clean contaminated water […]