It seems as if not a day has passed in recent months without encountering a dramatic news item related to Artificial Intelligence. Some of these present a rosy picture of the future in which AI tools solve all of mankind’s problems. Other items portray a gloomy and forlorn forecast. In general, however, there is widespread agreement over the potential for change and the scope of the technological revolution we are experiencing. Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology – one that fundamentally changes a huge variety of industries, products, services, and interfaces.

Countries worldwide are competing in an attempt to ensure their position and to enjoy the economic and social benefits stemming from AI. Israel enjoys an excellent starting point in this race and consistently ranks in the world’s top 10 countries in various comparative metrics. Our leadership position is based on two fundamental strengths – the ability to transform academic knowledge into a commercial application in the guise of products and services, and our wonderful ability as a nation to combine knowledge and professions from different worlds of content, to assemble different professionals around the same table and resolve difficult and complex challenges together. These two advantages enable Israel to expand the “traditional” high-tech perception and to leverage AI technology to create unique products in fields such as health, food, energy, agriculture, transportation, industrial manufacturing, construction and more.

In this magazine, we have assembled fascinating examples of the way in which Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. We have tried to highlight the huge diversity of applications and uses, alongside the unique technological depth in each area.