And so is the Israeli Climatech Ecosystem

Climate changes constitute an immediate and maybe even irreversible threat to mankind and to our planet. A swift, significant, and continuous reduction in concentrations of carbon-dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases is needed to limit global warming. 

Technological innovation is a critical component in contending with climate changes. An extensive deployment of existing technologies alongside the invention and adoption of new technologies will help humankind reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow the planet’s warming and to contend with the ramifications of global warming that are already inevitable. 

Israel has long since gained significant admiration for its thriving innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial capabilities. Among the factors contributing to Israel’s standing as a global technological superpower are the startups and growth companies, combined with the groundbreaking academic research, knowledge, and expertise of Israeli R&D centers and the state-sponsored umbrella of support.

Israeli technology has a history of being a key player in the struggle against a range of global challenges. For example, Israeli cyber security companies are at the forefront of the battle against cyber terror. Can Israeli innovation also be a key player in contending with the global climate crisis?