Israel-Michigan Autonomous Technologies Collaboration program (“IMATC”) 1st Call for Proposal

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The Israel Michigan Autonomous Technologies Collaboration program (“IMATC”).
The purpose of IMATC is to support greater collaboration between the Michigan testing and manufacturing ecosystem and Israeli innovative companies in a variety of industries, and specifically in automotive industry.
Through IMATC, Israeli companies will be supported in testing and piloting qualified technologies in Michigan’s facilities such as American Center for Mobility (ACM), MCity and/or on Michigan roadways, as well as have access to top technology incubators, accelerators and industry leaders operating in the state. Israeli companies will also get the opportunity to test their technology in extreme weather conditions such as Michigan’s cold and snowy winter.

The Israel Innovation Authority is introducing a pilot and validation program whereby Israeli companies will have the opportunity to partner with foreign entities for the express purpose of validating, scaling up and adapting their innovations to the foreign environments.
In this program Israeli companies are asked to submit project proposals for the validation testing of products, processes, services, and/or technologies.
Projects may include technology and knowledge applications, product customization, near commercialization or new market creation activities
The opportunity in this program is for Israeli companies to utilize and integrate their technologies and obtain validation and testing for their technology in addition to customer and commercial links.
This program will provide Israeli innovations with the ability to access the centers expertise to:

  • Validate their technology,
  • Do clinical trials,
  • Adapt their technology to market needs,
  • Acquire regulatory experience and commercialization channels

Relevant Technologies

Autonomous vehicles, Smart Mobility, Transportation, AI, BIg Data, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities

Participating Agencies

Michigan-Israel Business Accelerator
PlanetM - A Representatiave of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Program Description


Successful projects and companies will be granted funding at the level of PlanetM grant support (max of 50% of approved budget as per Michigan applicable laws and regulations) and funding at the level of the ISRAEL INNOVATION AUTHORITY  grant support (max of 50% of approved budget subject to applicable Israeli laws and regulations).
Project submitters should be aware that PlanetM and Israel Innovation Authority reserve the right to finance only a portion of a project. In any case, the company must avoid application for double funding.

Funding awarded by the Israel Innovation Authority shall comply with the Israeli rules and regulations for Industrial R&D (link to Hebrew website and content).


Qualifying projects should be in a stage following a proof of concept, ready for demonstration, ready to be commercialized or at the ready to market stage.

For Further Information on criteria selection, please refer to the relevant technology sector section.

The purpose of IMATC is to support greater collaboration in a variety of industries, and specifically in automotive industry. IMATC will support projects in the following areas:

  • Autonomous and connected vehicles
  • Electrified vehicles and related technologies
  • Smart Mobility
  • Transportation
  • Smart Manufacturing – Mobility related
  • AI and Big Data – Mobility related
  • Smart Cities – Mobility related
  • Other related technologies that are approved by the parties

Special consideration will be given to projects related to cyber security for transportation and autonomous transportation.

Application Process

Phase 1: Submission to Planet, Michigan:

  • Eligible Israeli companies are invited to submit an expression of interest to PlanetM which will include:
    • An expected budget for project execution
    • A proposed timeline for completion of the project
    • Safety, insurances, and/or piloting specifications needed as well as equipment housing needs.
  • The Company will then submit PlanetM’s approval and funding proposal to the Israel Innovation Authority for a second level of funding support.
  • Executed project will receive media and social media promotion through local and industry channels provided by the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator in coordination with PlanetM

Application Documents 
Documents Required for Funding Application:

  1. Piloting and testing – Work Plan, timeline and goals.
  2. Budget Plan:
    • Resources
    • Set-up, installation and preparation
    • Execution of the project     – piloting\testing.
    • Analysis of the results
  3. Management Plan including names and contact information of appropriate personnel managing and executing the Project
  4. Appendix: safety, security and regulation of the hardware that will be tested.

Phase 2: Israel Innovation Authority Submission

Part 1: Expression of Interest 

Please submit an Expression of interest form (EOI) for assessment (available bellow via downloads) by November 28th, 2019  to Jonathan  Cohen,

Eligible companies can peruse to phase 2.

Part 2: Funding Application, Due by November 27th, 2019.

Please submit an online funding application to the Israel Innovation Authority.

  1. Please read the instructions and regulations carefully before submitting the funding application.
    For instruction on how to submit the Israel Innovation Funding Application:
    Please click here for Hebrew.
    Please click here for English
  2. Please attach the EOI form to the funding application under “additional attachments”.
  3. For online submission (Hebrew only), please click here.
  4. After submitting the funding application, please email Jonathan Cohen the file number you receive, or your company number.
  5. For questions and assistance regarding the funding application submission, please contact our customer service and “Klita” department: Phone: 03-7157900, Email:
  6. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the online application, please contact our technical support team:


Program Guidelines .doc downloadable file
Expression of Interest Form downloadable file