Knowledge Commercialization

Program's Description

This incentive program is intended to develop groundbreaking products via commercializing knowledge from research institutes to an industrial corporation.

The program includes three sub-programs:

MAGNETON – encouraging the transfer and commercialization of technologies from a research institute to an industrial corporation. These technologies are based on collaboration between one or more research institutes and a single industrial corporation. They are focused on repeating and validating study results as submitted by the research institute, and on adapting the knowledge to the needs of the industrial corporation.

Knowledge Import – encouraging collaboration that repeats the research findings as transferred from a foreign research institute and validating them; proving feasibility and adapting the knowledge to the applicant’s needs in order to advance it technologically. Development of the technology is based on collaboration between the applicant and one or more foreign research institutes, with or without one or more Israeli research institutes.

Continued MAGNET – requests for research programs and continued development for activities already completed as part of first year approved programs (MAGNET Consortiums) in Benefit Track 5.

Goal of the incentive program

MAGNETON and Knowledge Import – validation, adaptation, and encouragement of knowledge transfer from research institutes to industrial corporations, based on dual collaboration between one or more research institutes and a single industrial corporation.

Continued MAGNET Sub-Program – encouragement of continued research and development activity via collaboration between a consortium corporation and a research institute.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • MAGNETON and Knowledge Import Sub-Programs – are intended for Israeli industrial companies seeking to incorporate innovative technologies developed in a research institute, and striving to develop a new product or to improve an existing product based on recent studies that is relevant to their field of activity. In this sub-program, the corporation seeks to validate and verify the knowledge and its degree of suitability before using it to develop new products and services.
  • MAGNETON and Knowledge Import Sub-Programs – are intended for academic research groups from Israeli research institutes (university and non-university) approved by the Technological Infrastructure Division that are seeking to carry out innovative and original applied research in collaboration with a leading company interested in the relevant technology. The research should be focused on technological feasibility for the industry, and the applying research institute should be the sole owner of knowledge in the project.
  • Continued MAGNET Sub-Program – is intended for an industrial corporation that has been a member of the consortium for at least a year.

The incentive program is not intended for financing funded research for an owner of knowledge in academia.
Academia will not serve as a sub-contractor for the project but rather, as a partner, although the funding will be provided via the corporation.

What do you get?

  • An applied research grant of up to 66% of the approved budget, up to a total of NIS 3.4 million for a period of up to 24 months.
  • Grant recipients are exempt from repayment of royalties.

Why should I join this incentive program?

Commercialization of academic knowledge: the incentive program assists research institutions in commercializing the knowledge developed through scientific research. The industrial corporation is exposed to new technology and after examining it, can integrate it in their activities and continue to develop innovative products with economic potential or upgrade existing products.

Examination of application potential: the knowledge transfer framework offers the industrial corporation a favorable environment to examine the reliability of the knowledge and the application potential of technologies developed in academic institutions. Without this environment, the corporation would find it difficult to carry out the examination process, which entails relatively high risk and uncertainty.

The possibility to realize commercialization rights: at the end of the project and at the end of the proof of concept, the company will be given the right to decide whether to exercise commercialization rights and continue developing commercial products independent of the research conducted jointly with the research institutions.

Israeli Companies

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site: