New R&D Collaboration with Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII)


Israel Innovation Authority Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) on R&D Collaboration

$5 million budget will be allocated over five-year period. Israeli companies will be entitled to 1-2 years of financial support from Israel Innovation Authority

Eli Cohen, Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry: “The agreement between the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation and the Israel Innovation Authority will broaden technological cooperation and improve both nations’ competitive capabilities in the field. Investment in innovation and allocation of resources to technological development are the keys to sustainable economic growth, increased productivity and creation of significant economic value.”   

Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority: “We are delighted to enter into this important agreement with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation. Israel and Brazil are leaders in many rapidly advancing fields such as IoT, life sciences, energy, and agriculture, and within these fields there are a great number of opportunities for collaboration between Israeli and Brazilian companies. This agreement is an important first step on the path of technological cooperation, and we envision an increase in joint Israeli-Brazilian technological collaboration in the coming years.”

December 10, 2018 – Tel Aviv, Israel – The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) and the Israel Innovation Authority announced the establishment of a new partnership after signing a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at enhancing both countries’ capacities and competitiveness through cooperation in technological innovation and industrial R&D.

This partnership – the first joint action aimed at enhancing the technological capabilities of companies, enterprises, and startups in both countries – is primarily intended to promote activities in each country’s respective industrial sector, to intensify cooperation in science and technology, and to facilitate specific projects and opportunities for collaboration between entities from Israel and Brazil that could lead to innovative processes and products.

A budget of $5 million will be made available from both authorities for a period of five years, which will support R&D projects in priority areas leading to solutions to technological challenges relevant for both nations. 

Taly Segel, Economic Consul, Head of the Economic and Trade mission to Rio de Janeiro at the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry: “Israel’s Economic Consul in Rio is responsible for promoting bilateral cooperation with governmental and federal bodies in Brazil. We invest a great deal in identifying the appropriate bodies and presenting the tools and programs that the Israel Innovation Authority has to offer in order to advance such bilateral cooperation. The work of the Israel Innovation Authority along with the Economic Consul is leveraged to promote agreements and create awareness in the Brazilian market regarding Israeli technological innovation. We are delighted by this agreement and are looking forward to helping move this process forward.”  

The first Call for Proposals was issued on November 28th, 2018 for interested parties from both countries to apply for funding. The program will support large-scale collaboration projects in the fields of IoT, life sciences, energy, and agriculture for up to 24 months. Upon approval, Israeli companies will be entitled to 12 months of financial support and will be eligible for a second year of funding subject to review of project milestones. Proposals must be in accordance with the respective regulations and procedures of both EMBRAPII and the Israel Innovation Authority. The full list of criteria, more information about funding and detailed information about the application process can be found on the Call for Proposals webpage