Nevada WaterStart Accelerator – Israel 1st Call for Proposals

תאריך אחרון להגשה 


תמצית הקול קורא


WaterStart is a water utility company dedicated to the implementation of technology that result in more, safer, cheaper water. We are in search of technology providers with novel solutions to specific priorities ready to be proven through large-scale pilots. If you’re a tech company ready to scale-up by working with globally recognized customers with opportunities to enter new markets by solving imminent challenges in water, please apply.

Relevant Technologies

Water Technologies

תיאור הקול הקורא


  1. Degree of technology’s alignment with listed priority  
  2. Stage of technology readiness 
  3. Degree of shared risk
  4. Economic development (economic return on investment) 

WaterStart Member Priorities:

  1. Water quality pressure management in distribution systems
  2. Method for cleaning of water mains (trunk and reticulation) with limited impact on water quality
  3. Sediment formation reduction in drinking water networks
  4. Reducing the impact of surge/water hammer on the water network
  5. Early notification of contaminants entering reservoirs/tanks
  6. Prediction of trihalomethanes (THMs) concentration in drinking water supplies
  7. Improving field crew training in real-time (including virtual and/or augmented reality techs)
  8. Increasing water use efficiency in cooling towers
  9. Alternatives to conventional evaporative cooling
  10. Alternatives for and/or reduction of chemical use in cooling towers and domestic supply lines (often destructive to chillers and pumps)
  11. Treatment processes for improving water quality in swimming pools, saunas, and other water features
  12. Improving reliability and operation of drip irrigation systems
  13. Non-invasive monitoring systems to detect water leaks in electrical rooms
  14. Reduction of in-site disinfection byproduct formation for groundwater recharge applications (TTHMs) 

The priorities listed above represent the collective needs among WaterStartt members committed to installing innovative water technology solutions.  Proposals should address one or more of these specific priorities.  


Project costs will be shared between the eligible Israeli companies, the Israel Innovation Authority and WaterStart. 

Selected applicants can receive

Up to 50% of the Israeli companies approved project budget from the Israel Innovation Authority.
Grants from WaterStart are awarded on a competitive basis and range from $25,000 to $150,000 to support eligible project costs. 
Companies will be required to provide an equal or greater amount of matching share to the grant award in any combination of equipment, services, or monetary contribution for approved R&D expenditures associated with the approved grant award. 

Funding awarded by the Israel Innovation Authority shall comply with the Israeli rules and regulations for Industrial R&D as they are posted on the Hebrew site of the Authority

Application Process

Phase 1: Email Proposal to WaterStart

Proposals are due by December 13th 2018

Proposal Guidelines
Narrative responses to this call for proposal must not exceed three pages in length. Supplemental materials, if necessary, must not exceed an additional five pages in length.
To be fully considered, proposals must answer these questions:

  1. What is the background of your business? What services do you provide?
  2. What specific priority from the technology subsector list does your technology address?
  3. How does your technology address the specific priority? How does your technology work?
  4. What customers are you currently working with? 
  5. Who makes up your management team?
  6. What is your competitive edge? What sets you apart from other companies providing similar       solutions?
  7. What type of project are you proposing? How would you be using the funds awarded?
  8. What is the specific dollar amount needed to support the proposed project?
  9. What is the economic return on investment if you are awarded a grant? (Must include actual projections. See Evaluation Criteria for definition.)
  10. How did you learn of this opportunity? 

Please email your proposal to:

Eligible companies can peruse to phase 2. 

Phase 2: Funding Application 

Please submit an online funding application to the Israel Innovation Authority. 

  1. Please read the instructions and regulations carefully before submitting the funding application.
    For instruction on how to submit the Israel Innovation Funding Application:
    Please click here for Hebrew.     
    Please click here for English
  2. Please attach the EOI form to the funding application under “additional attachments”.  
  3. For online submission (Hebrew only), please click here. 
  4. After submitting the funding application, please email Jonathan Cohen the file number you receive, or your company number. 
  5. For questions and assistance regarding the funding application submission, please contact our customer service and “Klita” department: Phone: 03-7157900, Email:
  6. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the online application, please contact our technical support team: