Israel – Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia – Healthcare Pilot Validation Program

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Participating Agencies

Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia


In this call for proposal, Thomas Jefferson University and the Israel Innovation Authority are launching a pilot validation program for healthcare solutions. 

Israeli companies will have the opportunity to partner with Thomas Jefferson University for the express purpose of validating, scaling up and adapting their innovations to foreign environments. 
Thomas Jefferson University owns a large health care system throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.  In addition to its traditional academic and clinical operations, Thomas Jefferson University provides innovation related expertise to companies to help advance clinical care and hospital operations.   

Thomas Jefferson University and the Israel Innovation Authority are seeking to advance healthcare by helping Israeli firms get the evidence and assistance they need to enter and be successful in the United States health care market. 

  • The goal of a project is to co-develop, test, and pilot impactful technologies, products, services and devices within Jefferson, which are then translated to other sites and settings across the United States, and beyond
  • Create a real-world living laboratory for external partners, to improve an existing process, or to apply a new process to health care for the first time 
  • Seek to derive value and impact at four key levels:
    • Patient care 
    • Revenue generation 
    • Reputation 
    • Philanthropy 

Relevant Technologies



Israeli companies are asked to submit project proposals for the validation testing of products and/or technologies. 

Projects may include

  • Technology and knowledge applications
  • Product customization
  • Near commercialization or new market creation activities 

The opportunity in this program is for Israeli companies to utilize and integrate their technologies and obtain validation and testing for their technology.

This program will provide Innovative Israeli companies with the ability to access the centers’ expertise to: 

  • Validate their technology
  • Preform clinical trials 
  • Adapt their technology to market needs 
  • Acquire regulatory experience and commercialization channels


The Israel Innovation Authority will provide funding of up to 50% of the approved pilot validation expenses.

The Authority will provide an additional funding of 10% to companies located in the periphery of Israel (In addition to the budget approved for R&D costs). 

Jefferson will provide in kind services, expertise and/or use of facilities.  In exchange for such services, expertise and/or use of facilities, Jefferson will be compensated by equity in the successful applicant and/or a revenue share of the products or services that are the subject of the project. .

Expenses supported by the Innovation Authority within the framework of these projects:

  • Upgrade and/or production modification 
  • Travel abroad – based of rules for cooperative projects
  • Regulatory conformation 
  • Establishment of beta-site 
  • Portion of work by Israeli sub-contractors 
  • Portion of work by foreign sub-contractors 
  • Portion of production permitted abroad –based on royalty regulations
  • Utility Patent 

Expenses not supported by the Innovation authority: 

  • Marketing 
  • Distribution 
  • Consultants and/or business development in target countries

Funding awarded by the Israel Innovation Authority will be granted upon approval from both parties and shall comply with the Israeli laws and regulations for Industrial R&D.
For more information regarding Israeli laws and regulations, please refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site

Application Process

Phase 1:

Expression of Interest form due by April 11, 2019

Please submit an Expression of interest form (EOI) for assessment (available bellow via downloads) to Jonathan  Cohen,

Companies will receive feedback on eligible cooperation forms by May 20, 2019

Eligible companies can peruse to phase 2. 

Phase 2:

Please submit an online funding application to the Israel Innovation Authority by October 31st, 2019

  1. Please read the instructions and regulations carefully before submitting the funding application.
    For instruction on how to submit the Israel Innovation Funding Application:
    Please click here for Hebrew.     
    Please click here for English.
  2. Please attach the EOI form to the funding application under “additional attachments”.  
  3. For online submission (Hebrew only), please click here
  4. After submitting the funding application, please email Jonathan Cohen the file number you receive, or your company number. 


Expression of Interest Form downloadable file