Israel-Switzerland Joint call for proposal for Joint Innovation Projects

תאריך אחרון להגשה א 


תאריך אחרון להגשה ב


תיאור הקול הקורא

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority
Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency


The Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse and the Israel Innovation Authority cooperate bilaterally on all innovation topics. With this call, they invite consortia of Israeli & Swiss entities to submit cooperation projects covering areas of mutual interest and a strong market potential in both Israel and Switzerland.

Relevant Technologies

All technology sectors


The project will be evaluated under three main criteria:

  • Impact
    • Is the market properly addressed in terms of size, access and risk?
    • Is the value creation in terms of growth, employment, environmental and societal benefits properly addressed/
    • What would be the competitive advantages resulting from the project?
    • Are the commercialization plans (market and implementation plan) clear and realistic?
  • Excellence
    • What is the degree of innovation?
    • The innovation aspect of a project must go beyond the international state of the art.
    • How is the new knowledge going to be used?
    • Is the project scientifically and technically challenging for the partners?
    • Are technical achievability & risks conveniently addressed?
  • Project Quality
    • Is the scope of the project clear and well defined?
    • Are project goals & milestones well-planned, realistic and clearly defined?
    • Is the cost structure reasonable?
    • Are the proposed procedures and resources justified?
  • Project Consortia & efficiency of the implementation
    • Does the consortia have complementary excellence and expertise?
    • Is there added value through international co-operation?
    • Management ability to successfully carry out the project and implement the results?
    • Mutual advancement of R&D through transfer of knowledge and expertise.


The support offered is detailed in the bilateral incentive program for R&D with International Partners 

Application Process

The deadline for submission to the Innovation Authority is 29th of June, 2022 at 12:00

  • The simple online Eureka application form ( must be submitted by
  • 29th of June, 2022, 17:00 (CEST).
  • In addition to the submission of the Eureka application form, project partners are required to submit a related national funding application to their respective funding agencies, taking into account all relevant procedures and submission rules described in the chapter “National funding conditions”.
  • Israeli applicants have to submit to the Innovation Authority as described via this link 
  • Swiss applicants have to submit the Innosuisse application as described on the Innosuisse webpage. On the web-based submission portal of Innosuisse (,
    • Please mark your project title to begin with “Joint Call IL-CH 2022:”
    • Please select option “Bilateral – Israel” for “Are you submitting your funding application within the framework of a special funding measure?”

In addition to the Israeli companies’ application to the Israel Innovation Authority, their foreign partners must apply to the funding authority in their country. Applications that would not be submitted to both countries will not be approved.