Israel –Florida 7th Call for Proposal

תאריך אחרון להגשה א 


תאריך אחרון להגשה ב


תיאור הקול הקורא

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority
Space Florida


The Israel Innovation Authority and Space Florida are announcing the 7th call for proposals in Aerospace, aeronautics and related areas. This call is part of the Florida – Israel innovation partnership, funded by the Israel Innovation Authority and Space Florida.  

Relevant Technologies

Aerospace, Aeronautics

Program Description

Programe milestones:

  • Open call for proposals: September 11 2019
  • Deadline for submission: February 23 2020
  • Evaluation period: February 23- May 28 2020
  • Awardees notification during the first week of June 2020


  1. The participation of at least one company from each country is mandatory. Research institutes and other companies may participate as partners or subcontractors in the cooperation project, respecting the financing rules of each country.
  2. The proposal should result in the development of an improved or new product, process or service with industrial application intended for commercialization in domestic and/or global markets, including proof of concept projects for technology based solutions.
  3. The new product / process / service should be innovative, have relevant market potential, technological risk and add value to the economies of both countries.
  4. The project should demonstrate adequate balance and complementarity between the two partners in relation to the R&D phases.
  5. The project should present a clear competitive advantage and differentiated value proposition as a result of cooperation between the participants of the two countries (increase of knowledge base, access to R&D infrastructure, new fields of application, for example).
  6. Companies should present a strategy which, given their technological, commercial and financial aspects, demonstrates their potential to introduce the new product / process / service into the markets of both countries and/or third countries.
  7. Partners in the project must agree in advance on the allocation of intellectual property rights (IP) between companies, as well as the marketing strategy. This agreement should reflect a proportional allocation and a fair return for both partners in relation to their respective investments.
  8. Partners in Israel and in Florida should be able to implement the project and finance their respective shares.
  9. Any partnership whose cooperative R&D project is consistent with the above criteria may present it in this Call in accordance with applicable national laws, rules, regulations and procedures.


The Israel Innovation Authority will assist in partner matching and provide funding of up to 50% (+regional incentives, if applicable) of the approved R&D costs.

The program will support collaboration projects for up to 24 months. 
Upon approval from both parties, Israeli companies will be entitled to 12 months of financial support, and will be eligible for a second year of funding subject to review of the project milestones.
Funding awarded by the Israel Innovation Authority will be granted upon approval of both parties and shall comply with the Israeli rules and regulations for Industrial R&D (link in Hebrew).

Application Process

Funding application submission due by February 23, 2020

  1. Please read the instructions and regulations carefully before submitting the funding application.  
    For instruction on how to submit the Israel Innovation Funding Application:
    Please click here for Hebrew.     
    Please click here for English
  2. For online submission (Hebrew only), please click here
  3. Please attach the Bilateral Form (in English) to the funding application under “additional attachments”.  
    In addition, please email the Bilateral Form to Mr. Asaf Aharon,
  4. After submitting the funding application, please email Mr. Asaf Aharon the file number you receive, or your company number.  


Bilateral Form downloadable file
7th RFP Overview downloadable file
Bilateral Form downloadable file