International Health-Tech Pilot Program – Call for Proposals

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תיאור הקול הקורא

Relevant Technologies

Healthcare – related technologies, services and devices

Program Description

The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and selected foreign hospitals jointly open the International Health-Tech Pilot Program.
Interested Israeli companies are invited to submit applications to pilot, test, adapt and optimize impactful healthcare-related technologies, services, and devices in a clinical environment at selected first-class hospitals around the world (listed in alphabetic order):

The goals of the collaboration are to stimulate transnational partnerships, accelerate the availability of medical innovations to the public, introduce Israeli health care technology to global markets, and advance the development of discoveries for the benefit of patients all over the world.
Successful applicant companies will receive funding directly from the Israel Innovation Authority, in addition to access to the partner hospital’s resources and expertise in clinical care, clinical studies, and R&D activities.
Please see the full details in the following Program Guidelines (listed in alphabetic order):    

* This program is operated under the Authority’s Track for Pilots with Selected Institutions


  • Applicants must be registered and operating companies in Israel.
  • The proposed project will be examined based on its innovation and excellence level, impact, the synergy between the partners, the capacity to execute, and the challenge it is trying to solve.
  • Project applications should have evidence to support the proposed pilot, such as a working prototype or POC. The high-risk in testing the technology with the partner-hospital may necessitate further development for improvement, customization, and fixing of elements that appear just before, during, or after the pilot.
    (Changes in scope that may result will not increase the authorized budget.)
  • The companies must follow IIA’s rules and regulations, as described in the Hebrew website under Track for Pilots with Selected Institutions

Relevant Technologies

Healthcare-related technologies, services, and devices. Each first-class hospital has unique interest areas:

  • Charité: Mobile health applications and innovative medical devices (wearables) for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.
  • HHC: Digital health themes of interest: clinical workflow; decision support; digital diagnostics (proactively track and manage own conditions); digital therapeutics (data analytic tools to allow for automatic, fast and affordable medical diagnostics); precision medicine; and virtual health-remote monitoring (keeping patients healthy at home).  HHC is committed to precision innovation which aligns and drives one or more of the following  priorities: patient/customer experience;  quality and safety; healthcare access; clinical workflow; operational efficiency; revenue diversification; and cost mitigation.
  • Mayo Clinic: New medical devices, digital and software solutions for diagnostics or therapy.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Telehealth, hospital at home, health care with no address, mobility solutions, mobile health, health information technology, wearable devices, clinical decision support, digital prevention, diagnostics, therapeutics, and rehabilitation, team management, materials.


Israel Innovation Authority’s Funding:

The Innovation Authority will support up to 50% of the approved R&D budget of the Israeli companies, according to the Authority’s funding regulations.
Rules for this track do not allow the Authority to fund expenses of the foreign-partner-hospital, if there are any, for the Israeli company.

Partner Hospital In-Kind Resources:

In addition, the partner hospital will provide in-kind resources, such as: 

  • Usage of unique facilities for beta-sites operations; 
  • Access to real-field-conditions for the tested innovation;
  • Usage of internal services, expertise, knowledge, or equipment;
  • Access to unique data, data-sets, engines, devices, skills;
  • Possibility to recruit patients, experimenters, tools, etc. from the foreign entity;
  • Experts’ and consultants’ time to guide, co-develop and, identify the parameters of the product/technology for testing or potential use cases;
  • Regulatory and legal guidance to ensure full compliance;
  • Assistance in co-commercializing the product; for example, through joint work with relevant local business partners (companies, investors, distributors, etc.) that are part of the foreign entity’s network.

For full details regarding the benefits, please check the relevant Program Guidelines.

Application Process

The application process has two phases:

  1. First Phase – by 02/07/2020: submitting an Expression of Interest Form (EOI) to the chosen hospitals.
  2. Second Phase – by 13/09/2020: selected companies will be invited to submit a full application to the Israel Innovation Authority.

For full details regarding the application, please visit the Call for Proposals in Hebrew


Expression of Interest (EOI) Form downloadable file
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin – Program Guidelines downloadable file
HHC – Program Guidelines downloadable file
Mayo Clinic – Program Guidelines downloadable file
Thomas Jefferson – Program Guidelines downloadable file