Fintech Pilot Program

תאריך אחרון להגשה 


תיאור הקול הקורא

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority
Israel Securities Authority


Call for applications foThe Innovation Authority and the ISA invite you to submit applications for a pilot in Israel and abroad. The Bank of Israel is taking part in the program as an observer. The program will include professional guidance, as well as financial support. Submission through Benefit Program # 2 (sub program 11).

Relevant Technologies


Program Description

We invite you, financial and supervised entities who would like to be approached as potential pilot sites for the Fintech companies, to contact us to register as a potential pilot site.

This call is for Israeli technology companies who would like to perform a pilot in the Fintech industry. The pilot will be conducted and operated at the testing site or at the Fintech company’s offices if the pilot is B2C. In addition to the pilot in Israel the fintech company may conduct an additional pilot abroad. 

arrowIsraeli companies may refer to the Authority’s Hebrew website for a full version of this pilot’s call for proposals in Hebrew



  • The filer must be an Israeli company.
  • The filer must correspond with the reporting duties, registration duties, royalties duties, preservation of knowledge and intellectual property duties, under the Innovation law, benefit program # 2 and the procedure’s rules.

Preferred Challenges:

  1. Expanding the public access to financial information, services and new products through application program interfaces (APIs). In particular, development of price comparison services, which provide customers with the ability to easily compare costs of financial services, especially to arb and religious communities. 
  2. Integration of fintech solutions in financial institutions, in particular in the payments sector for the benefit of consumers, including digital onboarding (eKYC) of clients using virtual bank accounts  and direct access to top tier payments systems. 

You can apply with other topics which are not mentioned above as long as they are relevant and advance the ISA’s strategy and role. In this program the above challenges will be prioritized. 


  • Financial support of 20%-50% from an approved budget.
  • Exceptional financial support of 60% from an approved budget for a pilot with an unusual potential influence on the efficiency and improvement of the capital market or financial services sectors in Israel

Application Process

The application process is made thorough the personal area on the Innovation Authority’s Hebrew website.
You can find information regarding the application process and the files you need to attach to the application is on the Authority’s Hebrew website

Last date to apply is January 31st, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. (Israel Time)

Answers will be provided by the end of April, 2023.

Further information/querries may be addressed to the following contacts: 

Growth Division, Israel Innovation Authority
Phone: 03-7157900 / 03-7157997

Israel Securities Authority, Fintech  


  • Asaf Erez, Head of Digital Services, 03-7109843 , 050-6215041,
  • Yael Weiss Efron, Director of Innovation, 03-7109972, 050-4434099 E-mail:
  • Technological: Sim Robin, deputy Director of Information Systems, 02-6556451, E-mail: