Call for Proposals for R&D Plans of Industrial Products for the Prevention and Treatment of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Participating Agencies

Ministry of Economy and Industry
Manufacturers’ Association of Israel


The Israel Innovation Authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel are hereby inviting manufacturing plants making industrial products intended for the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), to submit applications for assistance with R&D and technological innovation plans as part of Track 36 – Encouraging Technological Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry.

R&D plans submission may include the development of products, raw materials, innovative technologies and manufacturing processes, practical demonstrations, development of prototypes in the final stages of R&D or developing a scaling process for the transition from experimental production to mass-production.
The proposed plans will accelerate solutions for prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 virus, and must be technologically innovative relatively to the company’s capabilities as well as generate value in dealing with the virus.

Relevant Technologies

All relevant technologies


Target audience
Companies in the manufacturing industry in a variety of fields: manufacturers of medical equipment and treatment equipment, prophylactic equipment, remote medicine, measurement and control equipment, textile, chemical manufacture, polymers and plastics industries, etc.

Development for which grant request is applicable may include, among others:

  • Development of innovative products, e.g.:
    • Protective equipment (face and head masks and body suits).
    • Products for sanitizing persons and surfaces to prevent contagion.
    • Medical equipment for hospital treatment or home treatment.
    • Equipment to monitor and control contagious individuals for local use (home or workplace) use.
    • Advanced therapeutic preparations for relief or treatment of disease symptoms.
    • Sheeting or temporary structures for quarantine and separation of factory departments to ensure work continuity.
  • Use of innovative materials or production processes, e.g.
    • Innovation in raw materials and development of new industrial raw materials, e.g. chemicals for use in sanitizer products.
    • Developing innovative production processes or methods to improve quality or availability of existing products.
    • Adapting existing products to prevent, treat, or cope with COVID 19 outbreaks.
  • Developing new technological capabilities of the production plant, e.g.
    • Technological developments for production line automation or for improvement of the production line’s productivity and output that may increase inventory availability for products needed to deal with outbreaks of the virus.

Submission deadlines:
In light of the urgency of this issue, and until further notice, several submission deadlines will be set and published on the webpage for the abovementioned track. This will be subject to decisions by the Innovation Authority and given designated budget for this task.

Submission deadlines for this CFP:

  • CFP 1: March 30th, 2020 at 14:00
  • CFP 2: April 20th, 2020 at 14:00


Innovative projects approved as part of the MOFET (R&D in Manufacturing Industry) program may be eligible for support of 30% to 70% of the approved R&D expenses.

It is hereby emphasized that the grant level, the level of R&D costs and eligibility for exemption from royalties are subject to the terms of the Innovation Authority’s Track 36 – Encouraging Technological Innovation In the Manufacturing Industry – in Hebrew, and approval of the plan by the research committee of the Advanced Manufacturing Division at the Israel Innovation Authority.

Application Process

  • Plans will be submitted in response to this CFP and supported pursuant to Track 36 – Encouraging Technological Innovation In the Manufacturing Industry. In any case of contradiction between this CFP and the track’s guidelines, the track guidelines shall take precedence.
  • Submitted plans may take between 3 to 12 months.
  • Plans submitted in response for this CFP will be submitted on a special form adapted for the situation, located on the program webpage for Support Track for R&D Plans for Industrial Products Aimed at Assisting  In Dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be evaluated in an expedited proceeding.


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