Industrial R&D Cooperation with North and Latin America
The United States, Canada and Latin America offer multiple opportunities for industrial R&D cooperation for Israeli companies. The International Collaboration Division in the Israel Innovation Authority generates and implements cooperative and bilateral industrial R&D programs with leading R&D entities, which provide the necessary bridge to enter international markets, get access to funding and receive assistance in partner matching.

Through R&D alliances, both Israeli and international companies not only benefit from the unique strengths and skills of their partner company, but also make the most of market opportunities unique to the others’ region.

In addition, the MNC-Startup partnership initiative in Israel is facilitated through the Global Enterprise Collaboration Program.

The International Collaboration Division in the Israel Innovation Authority has recently launched it’s Americas-Israel Innovation Networker , an exclusive online community made up of different entities including companies, investors, government agencies, service providers, etc, which aims to connect entities with shared interests and common goals in order to develop international partnerships, R&D collaborations, and new business opportunities.

Calls of Proposals
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