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Establishment of R&D lab for Bio-Devices and Bio-Chips

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This call for proposals (RFP) enables the establishment and joint operation of R&D infrastructure for the industry via a single corporate or an association of users (a group of corporations and/or research institutes) designed to establish an R&D lab or subsidize R&D equipment, providing access to the infrastructure, equipment or databases to the industry.

The Innovation Authority announces the launch of a call for proposals (RFP)  for the establishment of a research and development (R&D) laboratory for bio-devices and bio-chips. This laboratory will be equipped with specialized equipment and staffed by multidisciplinary personnel to provide R&D services to Israeli & international corporations and research institutions. The support will cover various stages, including research, development, planning, prototyping, and validation.

Program Description

The subject of Bio Convergence, particularly in the areas of Bio-Devices and Bio-Chips, presents significant challenges due to the complexity and multidisciplinary resources required for research and development. To address these challenges, the Innovation Authority aims to promote the establishment of a laboratory dedicated to the R&D of Bio-Devices and Bio-Chips. This laboratory will integrate engineering and biology to develop applications in various fields such as health, environment, agriculture, and security.

Examples of Bio-Devices include diagnostic sensors, smart implants for treatment and/or diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip devices, environmental pollutant monitoring sensors, water purification systems, and devices that generate energy from biological sources.

This RFP specifically aims to establish and make an R&D laboratory accessible for companies and researchers developing Bio-Devices and Bio-Chips. To achieve this, the laboratory will be equipped with various essential tools and infrastructures, including device production facilities, software tools, analytical equipment, “wet” biological laboratories, and bioprinting infrastructures, among others.

Research and development services to be provided by the laboratory – as detailed in the RFP attached, include:

  • Providing R&D services, with the help of a full-time technical team
  • Developing unique knowledge and providing applied solutions
  • Providing production services for prototypes and small series
  • Verification and validation

In accordance with the threshold criteria in the full version as detailed in the attached.


Financial Support

The total grant for an approved application under this process will be up to NIS 75 million for the approved program period, with the grant rate being 55% or 66% of the approved budget, as detailed in the benefit program.

Application Process

  1. Applications can be submitted by September 25th, 2024, at 12:00 noon (IST). Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
  2. The instructions of the benefit program and the relevant procedures should be read carefully to ensure compliance with the threshold criteria detailed in their full version as detailed in the attachment.
  3. Follow the instructions detailed in the benefit program’s guidelines, relevant procedures, and this announcement. The application must be submitted only through the personal area on the Hebrew website of the Innovation Authority. Attached is an English-translated example of the application form, which is not valid for submission but for information purposes only.
  4. Queries may be e-mailed to prior to the webinar which will take place on July 25, 2024 at 15:00 (Israel Time).


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