Investment Opportunities in High-Tech Incubators


Discover the opportunity to invest in Israeli Deep Tech ventures The Israel Innovation Authority is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking fund to establish the next generation of Deep Tech Incubators. We are seeking visionary partners to pioneer new Deep tech ventures looking to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Discover how you can […]

Getting ready for the EU AI ACT

AI webinar - mobile header

How should companies prepare? The European Union has recently completed the legislation of the world’s first comprehensive regulation on Artificial Intelligence. The EU AI Act forms a holistic, horizontal, framework for all aspects of AI research, development, commercialization, and use within the European Union. The act splits all potential uses of AI technologies into three […]

טלי קול קורא לבדיקה

Participating Agencies Description of the calling voice במקום זאת צריך להיות רשום: או למחוק….. Relevant Technologies Digital Health, Edtech/digital education, Social welfare, Digital Local Government, Employment and development of Human Capital, Digital Economy, Digital services for Senior Citizens, Digital Legal Services, Digital Infrastructures and Services Criteria Applications will be evaluated according to the following: * […]