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25/04/2024 - 22/05/2024


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add to calendar22-05-2024 12:0022-05-2024 13:00Asia/JerusalemGetting ready for the EU AI ACT - How should companies prepare?Legistlation implications, time-table, relevance and more. Find out about this and much more in this Innovation Over Lunch webinar


About the event

How should companies prepare?

The European Union has recently completed the legislation of the world’s first comprehensive regulation on Artificial Intelligence. The EU AI Act forms a holistic, horizontal, framework for all aspects of AI research, development, commercialization, and use within the European Union. The act splits all potential uses of AI technologies into three coarse risk-based categories and sets different requirements and limitations for each of these groups. Products and services that are deemed “High Risk” will be required to fulfil a detailed list of regulatory requirements and to go through a structured certification process before they can be deemed marketable.

As part of this Webinar, which is conducted in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the Israeli Economic Mission to the EU, Ziv Katzir, Head of the National Program for AI Infrastructure at the Israel Innovation Authority will conduct an open fire-side chat with Dan Nechita-Flavio, Head of Cabinet of MEP Dragos Tudorache who was one of the two parliament members to lead the AI act legislation process. Through this talk we will attempt to understand the practical implications of the act – Who should adhere to the new act? What is the expected timeline for the act to come into force? How should I prepare my business and product starting today? How will the future certification process look like? What should happen in the case of AI based products that are already being sold and used within the EU even today? What about industry verticals that already have additional sector specific regulation, such as Health-Tech? Are there any waivers or assisting tools for startup companies? and how can we promote cutting edge R&D within the restrictions of the new act?

This webinar will be conducted in English!
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