Shenzhen-Israel R&D Program – 9th Call for Proposals

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9th Call for Proposal is now open for applications for the Israel-Shenzhen joint R&D program!
Israel Innovation Authority in Israel and Shenzhen municipality’s Science, Technology & Innovation Commission, invite companies from Israel and the City of Shenzhen to submit joint proposals for industrial research and development projects under the Shenzhen-Israel R&D Cooperation Program.
For full details on the Call for Proposals, including terms of funding and eligibility requirements, please read the attached Guidelines document.

Relevant Technologies

All Technologies

Participating Agencies

Science, Technology u0026 Innovation Commission Shenzhen Municipality (SZSTI), China

Program Description


In Israel

The program financial support will not exceed 50% of the eligible and approved R&D costs, in the form of a conditional grant and in accordance with Israel Innovation Authority national laws and regulations.

In Shenzhen

The support for Shenzhen-Israel projects is in the form of grant without repayment, in accordance with the Shenzhen Science, Technology & Innovation Commission (SZSTI) laws and regulations. The total funding will not exceed 2 million RMB per project, for up to 50% of approved R&D expenses.


  • At least two science and technology companies from the respective countries should express a desire to cooperate in the research and development of a new product or a new process.
  • The project may involve more than one company from each side;
    Please note: academic/research entities are eligible to join only as sub-contractors.
  • The product should be highly innovative with significant commercial potential. The joint industrial R&D project should aim at the development of products/processes leading to commercialization in the global market.
  • The project partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product or process.
    Please note: For the submission phase, only an LOI (Letter of Intent), a preliminary agreement or draft MoU is required (the final agreement has to be presented to the funding authorities).
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries.
  • The project must be balanced between participants and significant to both partners.

Application Process

The application submission has 2 phases:

1st phase – Deadline for submission: June 2nd, 2019

  • Fill out a Bilateral Cooperation Form (Phase I Application) together with your partner and prepare the Letter of Intent re: IP plan. The submitted form should be identical and filled either in English or both English and Chinese.
  • Apply (1st phase) – Both companies (from Israel and Shenzhen) should submit their Bilateral Cooperation Form+Letter of Intent (LOI) via email to the Israeli and Shenzhen Program Managers.

2nd phase – Deadline for submission: July 4th, 2019

  • Following the Phase I application submission, project applications will be reviewed and eligible applicants will be notified of Phase II procedures, which require both applicants to submit separate national applications for funding.
  • The Israeli partner is required to submit an Israel Innovation Authority National Application form in accordance with the Israel Innovation Authority’s regulations, through an online system. A signed copy of the Bilateral Application Form and the LOI are required to be uploaded as well.

For the full information and conditions for Bilateral Program for Parallel Support in Hebrew and in English

For full information on registration in Shenzhen, please click here.

Partner Search

Interested in applying but don’t have a partner?
Fill out a partner search form and we will do our best to assist you in finding the right partner for you.

In addition to access to funding schemes, the program offers companies from Israel and Shenzhen to get assistance in identifying potential partners for R&D projects. This service is offered on an on-going basis. Companies interested in this service are invited to fill out a program’s Partner Search Form.

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Racheli Ben-Onn
Position: Program Manager, Asia Pacific
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority
Name: Ms. Zhang Chunfeng
Organization: Shenzhen


Call for Proposals Guidelines downloadable file
Bilateral Cooperation Form downloadable file
Partner Search Form downloadable file