Ontario – Israel Smart Mobility Call For Proposals

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The Ontario-Israel Research Network Program – MAGNET (OIRNP-MAGNET) will support bilateral collaboration to develop and demonstrate technological solutions. The program is facilitated through the framework of the Ontario-Israel Innovation MOU, as a partnership between Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Israel Innovation Authority.

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Program Description

In this 2 nd Call for Proposals projects will focus on Smart Mobility technologies to focus on industrial or collaborative R&D technologies that address the needs of multinational Ontario-based Mobility Corporations.

The participating Mobility Corporations that have submitted the statements are:

  • Bombardier
  • General Dynamics Mission Systems
  • Linamar
  • Thales
  • Lockheed Martin

The program will focus on the following Technology Pillars, with a specific emphasis on the challenges introduced by these corporations.

Technology Pillars

  • Electric Mobility (e.g. batteries, storage, charging)
  • Autonomous Mobility (e.g. devices)
  • Smart Mobility  (e.g. management)
  • Vehicle Technology (e.g. manufacturing, security, safety)

The Challenge Statements for projects to address are:

  1. Seamless wifi connectivity for a ‘closed’ group of people so they can directly communicate in groups (voice and data) between their devices (e.g. airline and ship passengers) while maintaining FCC safety and security for adjacent aircraft critical aviation systems.
  2. Integration solutions for existing fleet-based big Intelligent Ground Transportation Systems that can reduce operational costs and offer predictive maintenance that reduce down time and increase efficiency.
  3. Self-connecting and forming small (PAN, LAN) network solutions which accept different environmental and physical inputs broadly from any sensory source which could be environmental, bio, social, cyber, from remote geographic areas which function over a long period of time without any required maintenance.
  4. Ways in which to complement existing operational processes from the intelligence derived from the sensors and compared with existing historical data across many different real time queries as possible.
  5. Solutions for vehicle applications, e.g. innovative light weight, low cost methods for the manufacture of carbon composite materials;  high efficiency power storage device with significantly increased capacity and    thermal stability;   integrated semi-autonomous vehicle controller with near zero response latency.
  6. Technologies to reliably detect and track objects beyond line of sight or “behind the corner”
  7. Development of robust IOT solutions with higher thermal tolerance for vehicle applications

Managed by OCE and Israel Innovation Authority through a partnership with Ontario’s Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (MRIS), the program supports industry-led bilateral collaboration, including consortia comprised of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and potentially, academic institutions to jointly develop industrial or collaborative R&D technologies responding to industry needs that will strengthen both Ontario and Israel’s technological expertise and enhance competitiveness. Each application must include at least one SME from Ontario, one SME from Israel, and one partnering Smart Mobility Corporation from Ontario. Ontario applicants are encouraged to collaborate with academic researchers.

Both jurisdictions have committed CAD 5M each over 5 years to support this initiative for a total of CAD 10M that will be matched by the participating SMEs. Ontario funds will be disbursed to successful Ontario SMEs by OCE. Successful SMEs from Israel will be funded separately by Israel Innovation Authority.

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Israel Innovation Authority  invite interested companies to submit expressions of interest (EOI) to address bilateral partnerships with an Ontario SME and a large Ontario Smart Mobility Corporation to address the challenges outlined in the Program document OIRNP Guidelines Round 2 to download  Attached below.

Expression of Interest (EOI) form should be downloaded  (Attached below) and submitted to: Jonathan.Cohen@innovationisrael.org.il by May 17 th , 2018

Partner Matching Assistance?
Companies that have not already identified an Ontario SME for collaboration on a proposed project please download a partner search form (Attached below) and submit it immediately to: Jonathan.Cohen@innovationisrael.org.il


Funding support will be provided to each partner through its own implementing & funding organisation (either OCE in Canada or Israel Innovation Authority ) in accordance with the respective laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.

The Support for Ontario SME will be up to $200,000 (50% of a budget of $600,000) Canadian dollars and for projects to be evenly matched the Israeli budgets should be in a similar range

In Israel please find submission details at –  https://bakasha.innovationisrael.org.il

Application Timelines 

EOI submission period begins March 29 th , 2018

EOI submission period ends 2pm E.S.T. on May 17 th , 2018

Full Application submission period ends* August 9 th , 2018

Full Application evaluation  Aug-October, 2017

Funding Decisions November, 2018

For additional information, please contact:

Name: Jonathan Cohen
Position: North America Program Manager
Organization: Israel Innovation Authority


EOI_Template downloadable file
OIRNP_Guidlines downloadable file
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