Aichi, Japan – Israel Matching Program

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Participation in the Aichi-Israel Matching Program (Israel Innovation Authority New Business Building Program 2023-25) will allow selected companies in Israel to conduct collaboration with companies in Aichi prefecture, Japan. 

Relevant Technologies

Additive manufacturing, AI, Industrial technologies, Enterprise, IT & Data Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, Life Sciences & Health Tech, Beauty Tech

Participating Agencies

Israel Innovation Authority
Aichi Prefecture

Program Description

The program is self-financed whereas the Israeli selected companies will receive support and close assistance in establishing cooperation with the Japanese company and in business development, holding a POC, Etc.


  • A technological and innovative solution that matches the challenges of Japanese companies
  • The level of technological innovation and the level of uniqueness of the program
  • The level of challenges in implementing the program
  • The ability of the applicant, including the ability of its management team to bring about the completion of the plan and its business implementation.

Application Process

  1. Reverse Pitch by Aichi Company (October)
    • 19th, October 2023, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Online Presentation Day
      Aichi Companies present their new business plan and the technologies they are looking for in Israel.
  2. Pitch Startup Selection (October-December)
    • 19th/October 2023:  Application Form Open for Pitch Day
      Israeli startups that want to conduct pitches to the Aichi companies can apply for the Pitch Day. (Israel)
    • 20th /November 2023 (Tentative): Deadline for Pitch Day Application
      Close the application, and each Aichi company selects 3-5 Israeli startups for the Pitch Day.
    • 15th/December 2023 (Tentative): Announcement for Pitch Startups
      The Israel Innovation Authority will announce which Israeli startups are selected for the Pitch Day.
  3. Pitch Day (January)
    • 18th /January 2024 (Tentative): Pitch Day (Israel)
      3-5 Israeli startups will conduct pitches to each Aichi company, and one of them will be selected for the collaboration with the Aichi companies.
  4. Startup Selection (January)
    • Each Aichi company will select one Israeli startup – 3 startups will be selected in total.
  5. Collaboration Support (~March/2025)
    • February 2024 – March 2025: Collaboration Support (detailed in #2)
      Each matching pair (Aichi company and Israeli startup) discuss collaboration ideas, schedules, etc. and move on to the next step, such as the PoC.


Aichi-Israel Matching Program (Israel Innovation Authority New Business Building Program 2023-25) downloadable file
Chuo Malleable Iron Co., Ltd. _additional information downloadable file
Yadakogyosho additional information downloadable file