Pilots Program Israel-US


The Company:

IOSight is a leading provider of data management and analytics, specializing in the utilities sector.

IOSight offers designated solutions for surface water quality monitoring.

The Foreign Partner:

Launched in 2016 as a nonprofit water innovation hub, Current is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Current is a collaborative that leverages partnerships with the state’s world class utilities, research institutions, industries and innovation community for global environmental and economic impacts.

Successful Innovation

H2NOW, by the water innovation organization Current, Chicago is an innovative program which, for the first time in the US, measures microbial pollutants in an urban waterway in real-time.
The initial pilot project aims to discover levels of microbial pollution in the Chicago River not previously possible with the same speed and accuracy. Historically, microbial pollutants in waterways could not be measured in real-time, requiring physical water samples be sent to a testing lab. However, recent innovations in sensing and analytical technology now make this possible.
Thanks to IIA funding IOSight became a major partner in the H2NOW program and provides its iGreen data management and iShed predictive analytics solutions in order to analyze the various factors that influence water quality and derive insights based on both historical and real time water quality data.

Our partnership with Current is a strategic alliance. It has already yielded the successful installation in the Chicago River.
We are very fortunate to be a member of a unique team that installed a state-of-the art, end-to-end real-time water quality monitoring platform providing insights, detecting anomalies and designed to serve the public visiting the Chicago River.
Natan Zuta, IOSight, CEO