The Company:

Agito Akribis Systems Ltd. develops Motion Control products, covering controllers, drives and integrated multi-axes control units. Our products are state of the art and suitable for a variety of markets. Agito Akribis Systems owns, with Akribis Systems, a patented field bus topology for accurate multi-axes control/motion synchronization.

The Foreign Partner:

Akribis Systems Pte., located in Singapore, with subsidiaries in China and all over the world, is a market leading developer and supplier of direct drive motors (linear, rotary, voice coil) as well as variety of multi-axes miniature to full scale, high performance air gap stages.

Successful Innovation

Our partner is Akribis Systems Pte., which we are familiar with for many years. However, it was the SIIRD umbrella that enabled us to create technical/commercial partnership for our motion control technology and sales channels.

Our first project with Akribis Systems, under the SIIRD umbrella, was the development of our patented Central-i fieldbus technology, enabling highly synchronized, yet easy to use, multi-axes distributed control system.

The second project is based on top of the success of the first project: development of a robot motion controller that combines an advanced servo controller with all robotic motion capabilities, as well as with suitable amplifiers for a complete solution.

The two projects are based on the synergy between the two partnering companies, which was found to be even better that our expectations.

The technical/commercial partnership with Akribis, under the SIIRD umbrella for two projects, provided us an opening to the world which we could never otherwise achieve.
Eyal Sapir, CEO, Agito