R&D Collaboration Program- Israel-Canada


The Company:

Solo Gelato is a fast-growing food-tech organization committed to quality products, premium service, technological innovation and social responsibility.

The Foreign Partner:

Agropur Cooperative Laitiere inc. is a cooperative Owned by 3,024 dairy farmers who have joined forces to process and market the high-quality milk they produce on their farms.

Successful Innovation

Agropur Dairy Cooperative and Solo Gelato propose to develop a line of frozen desserts and ice cream mixes in individual pods that will be transformed into Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet or Whipped Frozen Coffee in a moment.

On January 2018,Solo Gelato presented its Ice Cream capsules machine publicly for the first time at the main artisanal Gelato event, in Rimini-Italy.
At the event, Agropur – a $7bn dairy business from Montreal, approached Solo Gelato with an offer for strategic partnership. By Sept 2018 Agropur invested in Solo Gelato and signed an agreement for commercial cooperation, which led to a first market pilot in Montreal during 2019.
Both Companies are currently cooperating in development of products for North American markets and promote their commercial partnership towards further expansion.
Barak Beth Halachmi, Solo Gelato, Founder