CIIRDF- Israel-Canada Foundation


The Company:

Innovopro is committed to bringing unique plant-based protein ingredients to the global food market in order to create nutritious, tasty, safe and sustainable food products. With an excellent nutritional profile, “free from” properties and wide usability in the food industry. Innovopro is the first company in the world to launch chickpea protein concentrate 70% (CP Pro 70®).

Successful Innovation

A project with a Canadian research group:
The grant we received from CIIRD was a mutual grant for Innovopro and a Canadian research and pilot private organization.

The project allowed Innovopro to scale up our process from lab to pilot scale, to identify the required equipment, and to validate the process and product.

Due to the mutual project we have made a major progress on regulatory aspects and in our market penetration.

The data that were collected during the project were essential for us in order to move to industrial scale in 2019.