CIIRDF- Israel-Canada Foundation


The Company:

Our sole focus is the development of high-definition, functional imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. A field void of major gamma camera developments for the past two decades.

The Foreign Partner:

Redlen Technologies is the leading provider of multi-energy, X-ray imaging modules based on proprietary Cadmium Zinc Telluride imaging sensors.

Successful Innovation

In 2011 we completed the development of the first module with the financial help of CIIRDF. Since that date Spectrum has been buying CZT modules from Redlen which are used in most of the systems Spectrum sells today.

The companies are developing next generation CZT detectors to meet the demands of the future products of Spectrum and we intend to continue and use Redlen CZT detectors in our future products.

Since the completion of the project, over 200 worldwide commercial installations have been made (cardiac dedicated SPECT system, multi purpose systems (SPECT-CT).