R&D Collaboration Program- Israel-Italy


The Company:

Celeno offers advanced Wi-Fi chipsets and software solutions to deliver smart, innovative Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology into the realm of high-performance home networks, smart buildings, enterprise and industrial solutions.
Celeno’s field-proven chips and software technologies have been successfully integrated into a wide range of OEM Wi-Fi devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world.

The Foreign Partner:

Fluidmesh Networks recently acquired by Cisco offers Train-to-Ground high speed wireless connectivity.

Successful Innovation

The solution enables Wi-Fi connectivity that provides reliable throughput in excess of 1 Gbit/sec to high speed trains and metro lines, therefore enhancing passengers’ productivity on board.
The solution successfully passed a pilot deployment in Moscow to provide a world class Internet experience to the passengers of one of the largest metro networks in the world.

Celeno is proud to provide the Wi-Fi core technology with Fluidmesh Networks, Inc.
That enables wireless connectivity in excess of 1 Gbit/sec to a wayside fiber network for a high-quality internet experience to passengers on fast moving trains and mass transit vehicles such as metro and tram networks worldwide.
Ronen Peleg, Celeno, VP Sales and Business Development