Company: Morphisec

Who is Morphisec?
Emerging out of Israel’s national cyber security center, Morphisec is a leading developer of cyber security prevention and detection tools.  Their patented Moving Target Defense Technology is a powerful, easy to use prevention solution that blocks and neutralizes zero-days, advanced attacks, evasive file-based and file-less malware, ransom ware, APTs and web-borne exploits before they can do any damage.  It provides tremendous value for any company concerned with advanced attacks, evasive malware in their network, or a lack of protection due to delayed patching.

Led by CEO Ronen Yehoshua, the company was launched in 2014 out of Ben-Gurion University and the JVP Cyber Labs in Be’er Sheva, Israel.

The Role of the Israel Innovation Authority
With financing and entrepreneurial guidance from the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Incubator Incentive Program, Morphisec has secured $8.5 million to date, including $7 million in Series A funding led by  key investors JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners), GE Ventures (NYSE:GE), Deutsche Telekom (XETRA: DTE), Portage Advisors LLC. and OurCrowd.

Successful Innovation

The Challenge
Today, with millions of machines connected to Industrial Internet platforms, application security against targeted cyber attacks is more crucial than ever. However, even as cyber attacks constantly seek to exploit unpatched application vulnerabilities, the market is over-saturated with detection technologies with substandard detection rates.  These security products typically combat attacks based on the same traditional approaches, even if their execution has become more sophisticated.  Unfortunately, these approaches are usually one step behind cyber attacks, are difficult to manage, degrade performance and create false alarms. Hackers take full advantage of this, while companies can only sit and wait for the next attack.

The Innovation
Morphisec’s game changing security solution leverages Moving Target Defense Technology to invert the traditional detection security paradigm. Instead of relying on suspicious behaviors or threat signatures, its polymorphic engine scrambles the application’s runtime environment, randomly and without any trace, thus hiding targets by making the memory space unpredictable to attackers, and turning attackers’ tactics back on themselves.  In addition to allowing enterprises to block known and zero-day attacks, Morphisec’s innovative security method offers real-time investigation tools to accurately and instantaneously detect attacks earlier than ever before, to block them, and to create fingerprint information of attacks.

Global Impact
Morphisec has received wide acclaim for its forward-thinking technology, including being named a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor (For 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor website click here), given annually to companies considered innovative or transformative in key technology areas, along with other accolades. Its momentum throughout 2016 was also marked by strategic staffing additions and accelerated customer acquisition across diverse global markets and throughout a wide array of industry verticals. Its rapid global expansion also includes the opening of its U.S. operations located in Boston, MA.