Celtic Cluster-EUREKA


The Company:

The company aim is to develop, build and deliver mmWave wireless connectivity radios, bringing high speed Gigabit connectivity to the world.

The Foreign Partner:

PT Inovacao e Sistemas is a technological company in the Portugal Telecom Group, focused on the development of innovative products and services and in systems’ integration for Telco and IT markets.

Successful Innovation

With the support of the IIA, Siklu has developed and introduced an automated network design tool for mmWave networks, WiNDE (Wireless Network Design Engine).

WiNDE is a full automation tool for the design of mmWave broad band access and smart-city network.

This tool allows Siklu to pursue much larger projects and is a significant differentiator in the market.
WiNDE has already been used in designing hundreds of networks, and Siklu plans to continue adding features as this software solution is a core component of Siklu’s offering to the market.

At Siklu we believe strongly in offering solutions to our customers. WiNDE is a key component of this approach.
With WiNDE we have been able to reduce the complexity and effort needed to design large mmWave networks, paving the way for much broader adoption of mmWaveworldwide.
Ronen Ben-Hamou, Siklu, CEO