Scouting – Mexico


The Company:

AKA Advanced Technologies is a design house for software and hardware solutions. AKA specializes in the development of remote sensing, remote data logging, and signaling systems for: mechanical, electronic, optical, machine to machine (M2M), and machine to web technologies.

The Foreign Partner:

Rassini is an international company that provides engineering solutions through the design and manufacture of components for suspension, brakes and anti-vibration systems for the automotive industry; including urban, family, all-terrain, sport, luxury and commercial vehicles; both with electric and internal combustion engines.

Successful Innovation

Thanks to the support and coordination for the activities to identify and create a collaboration agreement with AKA Advance Technologies, made by the Latin America Desk at the Innovation Authority, Rassini funded a research for more than $1.3M USD in Automotive technologies. Thanks to this successfully collaboration, Rassini decided to incorporate an R&D facility in Jerusalem that include a close collaboration with academia for researchers and human capital access.

Thanks to the help and cooperation it has been possible to implement AKA multidisciplinary capabilities to the international level.
Shimon Mizrahi, AKA, CEO