R&D Collaboration Program- Israel-Italy


The Company:

Acktar Ltd is a recognized leader in light absorbing black coatings. Acktar’s competence in designing and controlling the morphology of its coatings is the basis for this project.

The Foreign Partner:

Processi Innovativi SRL (Rome) is an Italian company – subsidiary of KT – Kinetics Technology SPA providing process services to the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, environmental, and energy industries.

Successful Innovation

The project is aimed at developing a selective membrane coating for the industrial separation of hydrogen from a gaseous mixture.

The project was carried out in cooperation with a foreign industrial partner – an Italian company – S.R.L.

The project was a success in that the technology was developed and tested.

The project received budgetary support from IIA without which it would not have been possible to implement it.

Bilateral configuration allowed easy negotiation of the topics that otherwise can take years.
Zvi Finkelstein, Acktar Ltd, CEO