Huliot is a leading global manufacturer of advanced flow systems for buildings and infrastructure.

Who is Huliot?
Huliot is a leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced pipe systems, specializing in flow products — water supply, drainage, sewage and gray water recycling — for the Israeli and global markets.
Founded on Kibbutz Nehamia in 1947, Huliot was one of Israel’s first plastics manufacturers, and the first Israeli company to utilize injection molding technology. In the 1960s, Huliot was the nation’s pioneer in extrusion technology.

Today, Huliot remains ahead of the curve, innovating new advanced flow solutions for water supply, draining, sewage, waste water and more. Huliot is a global company with international manufacturing sites in India and Slovenia.

The Role of the Israel Innovation Authority – Encouraging Innovation in Traditional Industries
Together with the Ministry of Economy, the Israel Innovation Authority collaborated with Huliot toward innovating their business, providing research and development grants and subsidized salaries for three employees involved in R&D activities. With this support, Huliot successfully transitioned from a pipe manufacturer to a leading global provider of complete turn-key solutions for commercial and residential plumbing and drainage systems. , Huliot was able to incorporate German water reclamation technologies into their existing waste management product lines, yielding water treatment technologies like ClearGrey.  

Successful Innovation

The Challenge
Water-poor countries like Israel are keenly aware of the need to preserve and conserve this most precious, non-renewable resource. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimates that over 30% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals are attributed to industrial and domestic use. Today’s societies face the challenge of balancing the large amount of water required to support public health and the economy against a decreasing global reserve of available freshwater. In order to offset the water needs of growing populations and economies, water must be stretched further than ever. Water reclamation technologies are essential in achieving sustainability alongside progress.

The Innovation
ClearGreyMBR System is a state-of-the art water purification and recycling system for business and residences.  Grey water, which is water used for domestic upkeep like showering and washing dishes, is treated through a biological process using oxygen-consuming bacteria combined with physical filtration through Ultra Filtration (UF) membranes. The resulting waters odorless, clean, and can be utilized for home irrigation, and in toilets and washing machines. The filtration membranes require flushing only twice annually, make the system easy to maintain.

The Global Impact
With ClearGreyMBR systems selling throughout Europe and Asia, Huliot’s unique water treatment system stands to influence environmental sustainability across the globe.  Grey water treatment systems have been found to reduce the need for freshwater extraction from natural water sources, reduce demands on treatment plant infrastructure, and support groundwater recharge. Moreover, ClearGrey supports the economic health of the families who use it, allowing them to economize their use of water.