Company:  Huliot is a leading global manufacturer of advanced plastic pipe systems.

Who is Huliot?
Huliot is a leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced pipe systems, specializing in flow products — water supply, drainage, sewage and gray water recycling — for the Israeli and global markets.
Founded on Kibbutz Nehamia in 1947, Huliot was one of Israel’s first plastics manufacturers, and the first Israeli company to utilize injection-molding technology. In the 1960s, Huliot was the nation’s pioneer in extrusion technology.

Today, Huliot remains ahead of the curve, innovating new advanced flow solutions for water supply, draining, sewage, wastewater and more. Huliot is a global company with international manufacturing sites in India and Slovenia.

The Role of the Israel Innovation Authority  
Israel Innovation Authority supported Huliot’s R&D efforts toward innovating existing products and developing new ones. Through the provision of R&D grants, Huliot expanded their product line from PVC pipes to a broader catalogue of plastic materials including polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), as well as a comprehensive line of pipes and fittings for building and infrastructure, and wastewater management systems.

Successful Innovation

The Challenge
Effective plumbing systems are, in many ways, the backbone of a healthy society. Flow systems convey clean drinking and bathing water into homes and businesses, and remove hazardous grey water from commercial and residential areas. More than curbing exposure to disease, effective water and waste management systems must be efficient and long-lasting; while plumbing systems account for only 1% of a building’s cost, plumbing problems owing to substandard systems are among the most expensive, running as much as 10% of its cost. Furthermore, environmental considerations demand that plumbing create low environmental impact.

The Innovation
Huliot designs and manufactures affordable, efficient, green plumbing and drainage solutions for buildings and infrastructure. Huliot’s comprehensive product line of pipes and fittings available in all standard diameters and sizes, and in a range of plastic materials including HDPE, PVC and PP. Huliot systems are versatile, and suitable for both use above ground and below. Innovative flow systems like Huliot’s noise-free Ultra-Silent waste water and draining system ensure not only environmental safety, but also better quality of life for residents utilizing the system.

The Global Impact
With over 800 products and subsidiaries in Europe and India, Huliot holds a sizable share of the global flow systems market. With large-scale plastics manufacturing operations in Europe and India, Huliot is occupying an ever more important role as a global employer.