Collaborating Entities:
The Israeli Ministry of Economy, Israel Innovation Authority, and GLV International 

Who is GLV International?
GLV International Ltd. is a successful leading manufacturer and world-class global distributor of quality assured flexible insulated and non-insulated air ducts. At its new and modern ISO certified production facilities located in Ma’alot in Northern Israel, GLV uses its own in-house developed and built machinery and processing lines to manufacture a full range of insulated and non-insulated flexible air duct products that meet with various European and U.S. standards worldwide for industrial, commercial and residential Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as residential clothes dryer applications.

The Role of the Israel Innovation Authority
Israel’s Ministry of Economy and the Israel Innovation Authority are joint contributors to the broad government initiative for innovating traditional industries. Through this collaboration, grants for R&D, marketing, and human resources were essential to GLV International’s successful development and production of flexible air ducts for air conditioners and dryers. This initiative has enhanced Israel’s exports and overall presence in traditional industries worldwide. 

Successful Innovation

The Challenge
An improperly designed and installed duct could fail to supply the required airflow to heat or cool a home. If the duct is in any way twisted, kinked, crushed or torn, the system will fail to run effectively or efficiently. Many common problems with heating systems result from faulty instillation – resulting in leaky ducts and low airflow which not only impair the performance and efficiency of the unit, but are also both cost and energy inefficient. A faulty duct can also lead to long-term problems which may reduce the system’s functionality and durability. Other flexible ducts that meet both American and European standards are expensive, cumbersome, and limited in scope, as well as inconvenient to install.  

The Innovation
GLV’s semi-rigid flexible air duct enables time-efficient installation and costs only a fraction of traditional air ducts. Insulated and non-insulated ducts in various flexible shapes and diameters make the ducts compatible with a broad range of HVAC products, namely airs conditioning and dryer systems for personal and professional use. 

The Global Impact
GLV has manufactured a full range of quality flexible insulated and non-insulated air ducts used successfully in HVAC systems and residential and commercial clothes dryer systems applications around the world. GLV’s flexible air duct products have become a leading enterprise in the European market, successfully marketed and sold in Spain, Italy, the U.K., Ireland, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and the United States.