Company: CDI Systems Ltd.

Who is CDI Systems?
CDI Systems provides high-tech solutions for online and mobile publishing. Equipped with an advisory panel of top internet and communications experts and a dedicated staff of engineers, CDI systems has used their one-of-a-kind NetIS technology to support secure e-exchange of valuable digital content since 1992. CDI systems is a Microsoft Certified Partner with additional technological partnerships with numerous Independent Software Developers who leverage CDI’s e-publishing technology to create complimentary technologies and solutions.
CDI System’s publishing platform provides a comprehensive solution for any business with premium content or proprietary information inventory. 

Successful Innovation

The Challenge
The transition from print publishing to online and mobile publishing has had a broad range of implications for individuals and businesses that sell or utilize content. There is constant risk of unlawful distribution of proprietary materials or sensitive data. The facility with which digital content can be downloaded, redistributed, and reproduced renders valuable content vulnerable to piracy. In recent years, the countless pieces of legislation and proposed legislation for the increased protection of original content, especially in digital format, have highlighted governments’ overwhelming concern about the detrimental effects that the unlawful distribution of premium content can have on individual businesses and economies at large. 
On the business end, E-Publishers have struggled to produce sales formats that strike balance between guarding intellectual property and encouraging premium content sales. The market for  content has grown with the increased capabilities and prevalence of mobile devices; as such, publishers require a secure, pragmatic platform that allows for publishing across screens.

The Innovation
CDI System’s core technology, NetIS, is a comprehensive ecommerce end-2-end platform that includes every aspect of online publishing. NetIS is the first ecommerce platform that integrates DRM (Digital Rights Management), WCM (Web Content Management), information retrieval and ecommerce tools into a single, seamless platform for the secure distribution and sale of premium digital content and ebooks. The platform enables a wide variety of sales formats: CDI’s clients have the option to sell monthly or yearly access to the whole of their catalogues, as well as to sell access to a single piece of content; it can allow users full or limited usage privileges. The system’s ability to codify vast catalogues into concise products, combined with the variety and flexibility of its sales models give e-publishers room to maneuver in the dynamic world of digital content. CDI’s platform allows publication in online and mobile formats. 
In June 2017, CDI Systems unveiled a new publishing website, Bookebook, a website for the sale of print, digital, and print on demand books. As opposed to other ebook sales platforms, Bookebook offers authors transparent, real-time sales reporting.

The Global Impact
In July 2017, CDI Systems Technology (Beijing), a CDI subsidiary, signed a strategic agreement with the Chinese Pharmacopeia Commission, the company’s second partnership with a continental pharmaceutical standards organization. The company has clientele in Europe, Asia and the Americas, including the prestigious Macmillan Publishing House, which houses its Macmillan World Academic Data Base (also known as the World Higher Education Database (WHED)) with CDI Systems. CDI’s comprehensive technology poises it to lead in e-publishing markets worldwide.