R&D Collaboration Program- Israel-Italy


The Company:

TeliSwitch offers Automated Optical Fiber Distribution (AODF™) systems suited for core backbone, FTTH access, and IT data centers. The company’s opto-mechatronics-based design approach combines mechanical optical fiber assemblies with electronics to enable reliable remote management of communication networks’ optical layer-0.

The Foreign Partner:

Sirti is an Italian company that combines the experience of almost a century in the design, construction, and maintenance of network infrastructures, solid skills in the implementation of Managed Services, Special System Integration Projects, and Smart Solutions.
In telecom Sirti Design, construction, and documentation of the latest generation multi-technology fixed and mobile networks using innovative methodologies that maximize productivity, respect the environment and minimize inconvenience to the population.

Successful Innovation

Teliswitch has developed the AODF (Automated Optical Distribution Frame) that is able to switch and manage optical fibers.
The AODF technology and related products are the base for the development of the Automated Fiber Monitoring System (AFMS).
The need for monitoring equipment that can monitor optical networks while in use raised by TeliSwitch potential customers.
TeliSwitch has analyzed the market need together with Sirti and has created initial requirements that meet the market demand.

The International Collaboration Division of the Israeli Innovation Authority helps to enjoy both worlds, Financial assistance for R&D and collaboration with a partner that brings complementary knowledge and additional presence in the market. TeliSwitch have benefited from all the above while developing the AFMS. Rafael Benatar, TeliSwitch, CEO.