R&D Collaboration Program-Israel-US


The Company:

Kando developed a wastewater management solution allowing cities all over the world, to improve wastewater quality and increase wastewater reuse . Kando’s solution helps to create cleaner environment and protect public’s health, while reducing costs

The Foreign Partner:

Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund is a US based VC firm that has partnered with Innosphere Ventures, a 22-years old non-for-profit technology incubator located in Colorado, to invest in and support the growth of Israeli companies in the US.

Successful Innovation

In 2018, Kando, a 12-employee start up, has partnered with ICI Fund and Innosphere Ventures under the R&D program of IIA. After two years in the program, Kando has grown to more than 45 employees with projects all over Israel, Europe and in the US.

Kando has a strong brand in the US, and a wide network of US partners and clients.

Developing a US market is always a challenge for an Israeli startup. Partnering with ICI Fund and Innosphere Ventures within the IIA program, allowed us not only to successfully face this challenge but also to achieve results that exceeded our expectations. Through the partnership with ICI Fund and Innosphere Ventures we got connected with clients, strategic partners, strategic corporates and investors. ICI Fund and Innsphere Ventures have built with us the capacity in the company to accelerate our growth in the US market.
Ari Goldfarb, Kando, CEO