Want Milk? Global Dairy Industry Revolutionized with an Israeli Innovation


Collaborating Entities:  Afimilk and the Office of the Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel)

Israel Innovation Authority (formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel), has been supporting Afimilk since it invented the world’s first electronic milk meter in 1977. With the assistance of the Chief Scientist, Afimilk was able to develop additional optimization technologies for dairy farming and to eventually become a world leader in the field.

Who is Afimilk? Afimilk is a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management. A pioneer in the field since 1977, Afimilk was the first to introduce an electronic milk meter just two years later, continuing its trajectory of innovative solutions up until today.

Successful Innovation

The Challenge: Dairy farm management is multifaceted and complex. Beyond managing every aspect of a herd (including their feeding, fertility, and general health), farmers are also challenged to curtail losses through effective labor management and ensure high milk quality. A dairy farm can only be profitable if it effectively harnesses all of its dynamic parts.

The Innovation: Afimilk’s leading product is a modular system for intensive farm management. The software collects information about each animal and analyses the data to display in comprehensive reports that can provide vital real-time information about the health, fertility, quality, quantity and productivity of their animals – making a huge impact on farm operations and profitability potential. 

The Global Impact: Afimilk’s innovative systems and products are used the world over. The company has a presence on thousands of farms in 50 countries and across five continents. Setting the standards for dairy farming and management with hundreds of thousands of milk meters and millions of pedometers installed across farms worldwide, Afimilk systems continue to contribute, grow and impact the industry by leading research facilities and a large, advanced experimental dairy farms. This enables development of practical and effective tools that meet modern dairy needs and maximize business potential.