KORIL- Israel-Korea Foundation


The Company:

AKOL unifies the entire crop-to-consumer value chain on an industry-first multilingual cloud platform to deliver real time visibility, traceability and safety in a simple universal format. Supply chain partners realize increased compliance, sustainability and growth while building partnerships of trust.

The Foreign Partner:

ASN-Inc a veteran of wireless IOT sensors provider. ASN Int, was setup to sell, support and promote, internationally, Industrial IOT solutions.

These solutions are a platform based on wide variety of sensors, highly reliable mass embedded sensors and the “last mile” proprietary wireless communication.

Successful Innovation

Project objective: To develop a state of the art “Beekeepers Solution” using Akol agriculture ERP experience and Claude Computing capabilities – together with ASN wireless communication experience and capabilities – to develop smart Beekeepers Solution that will dramatically support the beekeepers sector to manage their beehive using the latest technologies.

As part of the project we developed:

  1. BW – Beehive weight unit.
  2. TI & RHI – Temperature inside & RH (relative humidity) inside the beehive.
  3. EU (environment unit) – A separate unit that will check the environment conditions for temperature, RH, wind haziness.
  4. Security alert – to alert if people getting close to the beehive location.
  5. The communication units (Hub & CU).

Each financing up to half a million dollars through Koril, The project ended in 2013, the relationship with the partner continues to this day in various projects. The solution reduced the farmer’s operating costs by 60%.

The personal connection with the Korean partner is the key to success.
Do not be afraid to involve the representatives of the Koril Foundation in any situation such as crisis, misunderstanding due to culture, etc. They are very good at bridging the gap between the companies.

Ron Shani, CEO, AKOL.