The Israel-Florida Innovation Alliance

Program's Description

The Israel-Florida Innovation Alliance (the “Israel – Florida Industrial R&D Cooperation Initiative,” “Innovation Alliance”) is launched under the Florida- Israel MOU signed between the states and was formalized with the signing of the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program by the Executive office of the Governor of Florida and the Israel Ministry of Economy in October 2013 (the “Memorandum of Understanding”). This Initiative will be implemented by the Israel Innovation Authority and StartUp Nation Ventures LLC.
Through this Initiative, StartUp Nation Ventures LLC (SUNV), a Florida based global investment platform will invest in Israeli companies and support their business development in US markets . SUNV is a global, crowd-backed equity investment vehicle that leverages ecosystem partnerships to help companies design and execute strategies for expanding their businesses into U.S. and Latin America Markets.
This Initiative will support Israeli companies that have proven the feasibly of their technology and have a minimal viable product or a working prototype for the U.S market  in the following areas:

  • Cyber Security; Medical Technologies; FinTech; Blockchain; Big Data; IoT; Artificial Intelligence, Smart Mobility/Transportation Agriculture Technologies; Smart Manufacturing; Digital Media / AR/VR entertainment, Hotel and Tourismand more.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, this call will focus on projects related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, ICOs, Cyber Security and financial technologies related to smart contracts, supply chain, asset verification, certification, identity, health and financial transactions Digital and Mobile Payment; Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency; Capital Markets & Investing; Banking & Corporate Finance; Financial Platforms; Crowdfunding & Peer-to-peer Lending; and Personal Financial Management and more.
SUNV with its partners, is poised to take advantage of the unique utility within Blockchain and application development, have a firm understanding of how new regulation and security tokens meet the US government regulations. Building upon the early standard and protocols. It is well positioned to leverage these technologies for government, industry, startup, and corporate ventures.
Israel Innovation Authority may approve up to 50% (plus periphery zone incentive as applicable) of eligible R&D costs of the Israeli companies that apply to the program in order to support R&D including pilot and validation costs per Israeli applicable laws and regulations.

Calls for Proposals for this Program:

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