Support Program for Innovation in Selected Fields – Space

Program's Description

This program, that supports R&D for finding technological solutions in the different fields of space, is operated jointly by the Innovation Authority and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The program’s goal is to encourage R&D aimed at finding technological solutions in the different fields of space – strengthening the knowledge and technological development ability of Israeli industry in the field of space; reducing knowledge gaps vis-à-vis the global market and improving the Israeli industry’s competitiveness in these areas, despite the challenges (including the significant technological risk and high development costs, limited production quantities, and the systems’ high cost).

This program is intended for companies developing products in the fields of space that will be installed on satellites or at ground control and navigation stations, as well as for companies developing equipment for calibration and testing of these products or that are related to the operation of satellites including installation of different versions of sellable satellites for export.

A “large” company operating in this program (companies with annual revenues of USD 100 million or more during the year preceding submission of the request) will receive a grant of 50% of the approved R&D expenditure. A “small” company (with annual revenues of less than USD 100 million during the year preceding submission of the request will receive a grant of 60% for R&D of ground products and systems or a grant of 85% for R&D of products and systems intended for operation in space.

Israeli Companies

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site: