MAGNET Consortiums

Program's Description

This incentive program provides grants for R&D collaboration as part of a consortium (a group of industrial companies and research institutions developing technologies together).

The different consortiums in the program enable a long-term engagement in R&D and create a supportive work environment.

For companies from industry, this is an opportunity to collaborate with other companies and research groups from academia that helps develop groundbreaking technology. For the research institutions, the collaboration with industry advances the commercialization of products based on academic research, as well as an understanding of market needs. The consortium operates for 3 years.

Goal of the incentive program

To assist in the development of generic technologies in important fields in the global market, in which Israeli industry has, or may have, a competitive advantage. Since this incentive program supports the funding of infrastructure technologies, it allows distribution of knowledge and cooperation between companies operating in the same field, which may be difficult to achieve otherwise.

This incentive program includes three kinds of consortiums:

Industrial consortium – this consortium includes several different fields of expertise with the participation of technology leaders from Israeli industry that have a significant presence in the global market and researchers from academia with broad knowledge in the fields relevant to the consortium.
The consortium’s products must have a potentially large influence on the Israeli economy.

Knowledge-Building Consortium – this consortium focuses on applied academic studies in fields in which industry is not yet ready to play a significant part in the R&D process, but where there is significant potential to promote it via knowledge maturing. The industrial companies’ role in this consortium is to serve in a supporting and mentoring capacity.

Ma’agadon – this consortium is relevant for a limited number of companies that receive assistance from a small number of academic researchers for focused technological development that may have a significant influence on the companies’ business activity.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Israeli companies developing competitive products that are interested in developing innovative technologies which can be used as a basis to develop a new and advanced generation of products.
  • Israeli academic research groups engaged in scientific or technological research, seeking to promote applied research as part of a consortium, to collaborate with the industry, and to study the market needs.

What do you get?

  • Industry Consortium:
    • Israeli companies will receive up to 66% of the approved budget.
    • A research institution will receive 100% of the approved budget (80% as a grant, 20% from the consortium companies).
  • Knowledge-Building Consortium:
    • Israeli companies will receive a grant tailored to their needs, initial exposure to technologies that are developed, and the right to use the IP developed within the framework of the consortium.
    • A research institution will receive 100% of the approved budget (80% as a grant, 20% from the consortium companies) and ownership of the developed IP.
  • Ma’agadon:
    • Israeli companies will receive up to 55% of the approved budget.
    • The research institution will receive 100% of the approved budget (80% as a grant, 20% from the consortium companies).

Israeli companies and researchers

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site:

Foreign company’s participation: 

  • A non-Israeli entity can participate in a MAGNET as an observer or as a full member of the MAGNET.
    1. An observer can participate in a MAGNET project with its own funding and jointly own a resultant Project IP as a project participant. However, they will not have the right to request a free license to use Project IPs.
    2.  A full membership can be granted to a non-Israeli entity with the same privileges / obligations as Israeli members if all MAGNET members agree but with its own funding.