Leveraging R&D for Dual Use Technologies – MEIMAD

Program's Description

MEIMAD is a joint venture of the Innovation Authority, Ministry of Finance and the Administration for the Ministry of Defense. This incentive program supports the development of innovative solutions for the defense and commercial markets.

Goal of the incentive program

To promote military/defense and commercial R&D of dual use technologies, which on the one hand constitute a contribution to national security, and on the other hand possess financial potential.

Who is the incentive program for?

Israeli small and medium companies (Up to US$100 million in sales per year):
In one of the following funding tracks:

  • Technology Transfer.
  • Development of a new product / service.

University research institutes and research centers

  • A grant of 50%-90% in accordance with the type and nature of the activity.

Why should I join this incentive program?

Leverage of capabilities: The R&D activities in this incentive program provide an opportunity to transfer military capabilities to the civilian market and vice versa.

Israeli companies and researchers

Israeli companies seeking further information on the requirements and application process to this program, should refer to the Israel Innovation Authority’s Hebrew site: https://innovationisrael.org.il/program/2860