Israel-Nevada Water Innovation program

Program's Description

This call is published in the framework of the recently signed MOU between WaterStart in Nevada and the Israel Innovation Authority in order to create a practical mechanism for accelerating development and deployment of water tech solutions. Through this cooperation, both States economies and industries benefit from the expertise and resources of each partner.

Recognizing that both the State of Nevada and the State of Israel share close ties and share global position in water innovation, WaterStart and the Israel Innovation Authority entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aiming to encourage cooperation in industrial research and development of technologies related to drinking water, wastewater, industrial treatment, agriculture, and power use of water and other technology-based industry sectors. The Innovation Authority and WaterStart provide funding for joint projects in the area of water technology.

Pilot project in Nevada 
Israeli companies are invited to apply for the Israel Innovation Authority and the WaterStart grants for a proof of concept/pilot project to be conducted in Nevada with a local partner.

Calls for Proposals for this Program:


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