Chile & Israel R&D Cooperation Program – EUREKA

Program's Description

Chile (CORFO) and Israel ( Israel Innovation Authority) collaborate on joint R&D projects under the EUREKA program (with the participation of Czech Republic (MEYS), France (Bpifrance), Spain (CDTI-EPE), Sweden (VINNOVA) and Turkey (TÜBITAK) ).

All parties will provide all necessary assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase. In addition, all parties will facilitate EUREKA application process and acquisition of the EUREKA label for accepted proposals.

These organizations will also provide access to public funds for jointly labelled projects. Support shall be granted to each partner by its own Authorities, in accordance with existing laws, rules, regulations and national procedures, on the basis of non-exchange of funds between those Authorities and subject to budgetary availability.
Chilean companies participating in the call can apply for funding according to Corfo’s rules for EUREKA Network projects. CORFO will fund R&D projects in form of grants: Micro and small companies up to 70% of eligible Chilean project costs, medium companies up to 60% of eligible Chilean project costs, large companies up to 50% of eligible Chilean project costs; .
Universities and Research Institutes are not funded. Please contact CORFO for further information regarding the funding criteria. See section 6 below for contact information.

Funding from the Israeli government via the Israel Innovation Authority will not exceed 50% of the eligible and approved costs of the R&D in the form of a conditional grant and in accordance with the R&D Law, national laws and regulations detailed. Additional top-ups may apply to companies operating in developing zones. Funding will be provided in the form of a conditional grant. When a project results in sales of a product, service or process, the financial support must be repaid to the Israel Innovation Authority according to its regulations (in general, royalties are paid at rates beginning at 3% of sales, depending on various criteria. Royalties are payable until 100% of the amount of the grant has been repaid with interest as provided in the applicable regulations). If the project does not result in sales, no repayment is required. For more information on funding conditions, Israeli applicants should visit Hebrew website of the Israel Innovation Authority.

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