Bilateral R&D Incentive Program

Program's Description

The incentive program provides support to Israeli companies working with foreign companies on commercialization-directed programs to develop new technological products or to significantly upgrade an existing technology.
The program provides financial incentive funded by the Innovation Authority parallel to funding provided by foreign entities such as states, countries, provinces, and cities worldwide. The incentive program offers a financial grant that enables to share the risk in funding the project and assistance with finding foreign technology partners.

Goal of the incentive program

To encourage international collaborations in all fields of innovation-based R&D, thereby assisting Israeli companies to grow via a global strategic networking system, access technological knowledge in a variety of countries, establish breakthroughs, and scale-up for their products in the global markets. This activity is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Israeli companies in the international market.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Israeli technology companies from all sectors of the industry that are interested in developing or significantly upgrading technology products with an international partner. Calls for proposals are published from time to time and give priority to specific technological fields.

What do you get?

Approved Budget:
The approved budget will not be less than NIS 500,000 and will not exceed NIS 1.5 million a year,
distributed over the program’s five years.

Level of Financial Support:

  • In the first three years, the grant awarded will be between 50%-60% of the approved budget each year.
  • In the fourth and fifth years, the grant will be 30% and 40% of the approved budget, respectively.
  • The scope of support of the approved budget in the fourth and fifth years are subject to the company meeting the stipulated criteria.

Why should I join this incentive program?

The program will increase the investment capacity of the institutional capital market entities in the Israeli high-tech sector, thereby allowing the entire Israeli economy to share in its profits and increase investment in it.

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